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Our Leadership

Our Leadership

If there are legacies to be counted we might start with the system of leadership. Yes, we were taught to read and write so as to be able to understand the master’s directives and obey due diligence. This obedience we failed to administer in the way we were taught to lead. Our understanding of leadership was to trample on the people led; shut their mouth, seize their right, loot the resources they were meant to depend on and make them a new version of slaves.

Every African leader is corrupt; our conscience knows that this truth is actually true. The colonists who trained and strained us continue to say sorry to our leadership story. Starting from the top, Nigeria is the large giant of Africa; population, mineral resources, maybe land mass, and whatever one can add. And that’s the beginning of the sad leadership corruption story.

Nigeria is amongst the first seven highest oil producing countries in the world and truly most of its citizens continue to wander helplessly inside the shores of less blessed nations. From the military junta to the acclaimed elected democratic leaders the game has been a competitive looting run. In their close social gatherings they boast of how many luxurious houses and foreign bank accounts they posses and how often they transport the languishing citizen’s money into the hidden accounts.

Then what happen after their tenure in office; they are faced with loneliness, various illnesses either abandoned in an overseas hospitals by their wives, or struggling with one litigation and in most cases divorce proceedings or even die in the process and losing all the loot in secret banks account in foreign countries . The result contributed in the facilitation of wonders of those foreigner; such as steady and uninterrupted electricity for over two hundred years, peak and marvelling health services, quality luxury at the research of every citizen, good surplus food, highest standard of education at near to free grab, well-structured road network, perfect planning of land and housing, and average life expectancy between 80 and 90.
The proceeds and returns from the oil and other mineral resources in Nigeria are enough to provide the very best of life to a double of the population if managed sincerely. Nepotism disguised with quota system has ruined the employment and civil service sector. I have heard a chorus chanting for a repossession of Nigeria, meaning that the nation should once again go under a new colonialism for the wealth to spread around justly. The more aching part of this lamentation is that the looting leaders are sometimes caught by fellow looters. They then form a judgement system which leaves the thief in the judgement that has nothing to offer. The looters, who seem exposed, are set free and they still joyously occupying their seats. The media are frightened with threat of the worse and just a bit will be pasted on the tabloid.

A glaring example of looting and paying dearly is the recent parliament expenses row in the UK. The public was given first hand access to peruse the momentary misdemeanour of great nations. Sincerity came into huge account. The MP’s and ministers admitted to wrongly funding some part of their extended life with tax-payers money. Virtually all the parliamentarians involved meted out disciplinary actions for
themselves, apologised publicly, vouched to pay back every penny and never hold an elective office, and voluntarily resigned. This is a dignified way of showing the traits of serving the people and respecting every citizen’s right.

The question remains: when will African democratically elected leaders show some transparency in the cause of leading the people who and-picked them to lead? Not to mention the rigid unrepentant military juntas who force their sliding actions on the innocent citizens.

That is not all; meet the great Nigerian born man of God in person of Temitope Balogun Joshua, (T.B JOSHUA) the international acclaimed miracle worker, prophet, Minister and televangelist, the enigma behind the fast growing Synagogue, Church of All Nations/ Emmanuel TV, has turned SCOAN to reality show where he mends broken homes and give hope to the under privilege and destitute.

You will also see the profile of Chief Tony Anenih, the Nigeria’s political chess player, popularly known as Mr Fix it, just at it again; also the repackaged and in-depth information of the whole magazine. We now have Mike Ceruti Osagie as our new editor at large, specialist in lifestyle health and beauty, with wealth of experience; he will surely be delighted to take your calls and emails on same subject matters. Take your time reading through this bumper edition and Society Celebration team wish you all very happy New Year.

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