Our Mission Statement

The international celebrity journal is an entertaining journal which publishes articles that will amuse you, move you, make you laugh, and experience every emotion possible. SOCIETY CELEBRATION, a profoundly entertaining journal will also demolish the class structure in the global information system, whereby only the elite have access to quality coverage of international events, profiles.

We shall publish things that make you laugh and cry: celebrate the top news makers in all lands and chime in all spheres of human endeavour, politics, business, sports, black entertainment and religion. What would distinguish us is that our reporting would have a full touch of lifestyle and glamour; while a consistent streak of ebony humour and satire will run through our stories. There will be ‘kiss and tell’ of world leaders, famous figures and international celebrities. From the world of fashion, all the latest trends will be closely monitored and reported in a style that will suit Society Celebration readers.

Our competent and seasoned professional journalists will contribute to SOCIETY CELEBRATIONfrom different parts of the world on various subjects. SOCIETY CELEBRATION is based in London, United Kingdom but has strong representative offices in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and other parts of the world. SOCIETY CELEBRATION will live up to its avowed promises of providing information and entertainment in a balanced and accessible format.

We ask for your kind patronage and support.

Celebration (Since 1998)