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A Tribute: Leaving A Legacy Even In Death

A Tribute: Leaving A Legacy Even In Death

In 2014 Marvel announce the Black Panther development and in 2016 a certain young talented  individual grease our screen in Captain America civil war playing the character T’ Challa introducing him to main stream as the lead character to play Black Panther,  which eventually premiered January 29, 2018. The talented individual name is Chadwick Boseman, a personality who has gone on to shape many beliefs and ideology system with his talent and character representation. But what many don’t know before now was that he did all this while still fighting a stage III Colon Cancer, with series of chemotherapy, series of pains but yet he still made sure he gave us the best performance and put the Black character in the best lights.

Chadwick Aaron Boseman born and raised in Anderson South Carolina,  a graduate of Howard University where he study Fine art and Directing. Aspired to be a director, he decides to take classes on acting so as to be able to relate with actors on set.


Chadwick Boseman has been able to show us that he is not just a warrior in main stream media or on the screen but also a true warrior in his daily life struggle showing us evidently that we must not let our status or challenges limit us from achieving that which will deeply desire and aspires even when the universe present us with the best excuse not to achieve or abandon it. In his warrior like spirit he was able to give us amazing performance in the avengers, 21 bridges and his recent Da 5 blood.


Many called him out during his last video which he posted on social media criticizing him heavily of his weight loss which led to him bringing down the video.  But yet he never used it as a excuse to hit back to his critics,  he was a perfect gentleman in his approach towards his critics and always took their criticism and answer it in the best way he knows how on the screen.


Chadwick Boseman took up his responsibility as a Husband, Actor and Provider. He played his role to the later to provide everyone which falls in each category. He never allow his weakness or challenges make him stop being useful to the family, community and the world at large.

Like everything on earth there must be some who will look at the other side of all this and say what if he had just rest, what if he had just not continue acting and taken his time to battle the cancer  what if… But like the saying “Not how long you live but how well you lived”. Chadwick Boseman , the King of Wakanda, a  true hero has  left his foot print in the sand of time to be remember for generations to come as the first black super hero called Black Panther .

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