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Fashion Items That Have Come To Stay (Ladies Edition)

Fashion Items That Have Come To Stay (Ladies Edition)

Whoever said ‘Fashion is a fickle beast’ could not have said it any better. Wear the thing that was cool and trendy from one season and you’ll get laughed out of the room the next season. And yet, despite the changeable nature of the fashion industry, some styles just seem to stick with us till the end of time. These classic items never go out of style and they are definitely fashion items every girl should invest in…


Traditionally white button up shirts were worn by men and boys. However, in the mid-1800s, they also became an item of women’s clothing and today it’s become outfit worn by both sexes. Wear it with jeans. Wear it with a jacket. Wear it with nothing else! It always, always works. This piece has definitely stood the test of time and It’s safe to say that it isn’t going anywhere.


Chain belts, yoke belts, cinch belts, Lace-up belts. The one belt that’s made it through many rounds is this simple-as-day leather belt. It may not spark joy, but it certainly has never looked dated.


When the word ‘high heels’ comes to your mind I bet the next thing that follows is ‘classy ladies’ but here’s a shocker… high heels were originally created for men (I guess you didn’t know that). They were once designed for the 15th-century Persian warriors to help the soldiers secure their feet in stirrups. By the early 17th century, upper-class women had adopted the style to make them more graceful and they have remained a popular choice ever since for women around the world till date.


You might think of the turtleneck (originally referred to as The Polo Neck) as a dull style from last century. But You are wrong. Turtlenecks are just as strong today as they have ever been. The turtleneck has proven to be timeless and classic over the century. But there’s more to the turtleneck than added warmth—it can be used for color-blocking purposes, to achieve a monochromatic aesthetic, or to help transition warm-weather clothings. Talk about multi tasking.


Come dates, come dinners, come clubs, and work events , the little black dress is an item that will universally never go out of style.  It is the classic of all classics. It’s something that’s been on-trend and timeless pretty much forever. While it sounds simple enough, every lady has a different version of the classic piece. No matter your age the little black dress is a stable classic piece, which is why this is a trend that will never, ever go out of style.


Another wardrobe essential that has pretty much come to stay is the Denim jeans. Yes denim can also be in form if a skirt, a jacket, a dress or shorts, but the denim jeans is no doubt the hardest worker of them all. No matter what new trends are introduced in fashion, it remains a very important fashion piece in your wardrobe. The Denim jeans are for all seasons. They can take you from work to a casual party, and from casual daytime to a dressier evening with a simple change of accessories and a pair of heels. The first things you must put into consideration when picking out a denim Jean is the fitting. Once you find the perfect fit make sure you buy enough in different style to last you a while because it could take a while for such opportunity to come by again.


Originally worn by British soldiers during World War 1 as a powerful weapon against rain drops, The Trench Coat  became hotter when Hollywood started dressing their leading men in them when they played detectives and spies. Today it’s a global style icon worth having in your wardrobe. In grey, black or dark brown the coat is perfect for everything, from business attire to casual weekends.

You can achieve a great number of looks from a single trench coat and not withstanding it’s versatility, it also has many basic features including keeping you warm and enabling  easy day to day activities. It’s sleek and chic design can look good on anyone and It goes with precisely everything in your closet. In summary, the Trench Coat simply has it all.



High neck, V-neck, round neck the silk blouse will always give you that classy look you so desire. Style with a high waisted jeans, plain trousers, skit or shorts and you are good to go. The good thing about investing in a silk blouse is that no matter what you combine it with, it definitely always makes a strong stylish statement.


It can be worn over a white t-shirt, with shirts, over a dress or just belted. The possibilities are endless and you can wear them numerous times for different events. which is why it’s a classic piece worth investing into. Blazers come in a broad range of styles. To achieve a casual style, pair with jeans, a white or black t-shirt and sneakers. For a sophisticated look, match with a similar fabric of trousers and heels, you can also get a boyish vibe with baggy jeans. Most importantly, a blazer looks great on all body types.


If you only have to invest in one skirt for the rest of your life, pick a pencil skirt Just because it is figure flattering and extremely versatile.  If you think a pencil skirt is only to be worn in a corporate setting, think again. From glamour girls to sophisticated businesswomen and laidback vintage lovers, it’s been proven through the  past 70 years that anyone can embrace this timeless style. And it is definitely a fashion piece definitely worth investing in.

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