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Betty Ivie Nwabineli – A Testimony Of Her Work And Faith

Betty Ivie Nwabineli – A Testimony Of Her Work And Faith

Throughout history, the central role of women in society has ensured the stability, progress and long-term development of nations. One woman in particular, continues to proliferate the role of women today, whilst positioning her impenetrable faith at the forefront of her ideology – ‘Taking the Lord Jesus Christ as the author and finisher of one’s faith’. Dr Betty Ivite Nwabineli, a devoted Christian and advocate of the Pentecostal persuasion, embraced the Lord in 1969 when she was merely in her third year at the Anglican Girls Grammar School (Ughelli, Delta State, Nigeria). Betty, as she is fondly and commonly called by her peers, is a distinguished medical professional, a creative and prolific writer, a motivational speaker and as aforementioned, a sincere servant of God.

This is a long-overdue testimony, in direct reference to the amazing efforts this magnificent woman has taken to better her community whilst serving the Lord God Almighty every step of the way.


Educational Background:

Betty’s aspiration to excel from such an early age gave her the impetus to study Applied Microbiology (Bachelor of Science), from the pioneering University of Benin (Nigeria) in her home country. Following her newly status as a graduate, she enrolled into the compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme in Kano State, to which she performed remarkably. Due to her strong desires to deepen her knowledge in the medical fields, she proceeded to strengthen her knowledge in the United Kingdom for further studies – she obtained a master’s degree in Medical Microbiology and a Doctoral (PhD) in Environmental and Medical Microbiology from the same University of Newcastle. It certainly seems that the medical profession is desirably attractive to the Nwabineli family as Betty’s husband was awarded the Gladys Dodds scholarship, to specialise in another area of medicine. However, it was inevitable that with all this profound knowledge Betty would seek a way to divulge and educate other. As a result, using her developed teaching skills garnered from her NYSC scheme, prior to relocating to the UK she taught secondary school students at Iruekpen Gramma School (Iruekpen, Edo State, Nigeria).

Indeed, Betty has numerous specials interests including Clinical/Diagnostic Medical Microbiology, Immunology and Virology, thus fortifying her Fellowship at the Institute of Biomedical Science of the United Kingdom. She’s obtained many invaluable experiences at various institutes, occupying various roles; University of Benin Teaching Hospital (Benin), Stobhill Hospital (Glasgow), University of Newcastle (Newcastle), St University Hospital (Dublin) and many more. Nevertheless, Dr Nwabineli’s versatility and entrepreneurship enabled her to improve in other areas, allowing incredible personal growth and fantastic opportunities to reveal themselves. She was self-trained in cake-making and decorating, with a qualification from the Wilton Cake Decorating School in the United States of America. This accreditation permitted Betty to start what became, a very successful confectionery and catering business in Benin. Her imagination, innovation, and artistic flair led her to design a wide range of divine celebration-cakes. She is very passionate about Homemaking, especially cooking, cake-baking and sugar craft etc. Betty strongly corroborates Margaret Thatcher’s renowned quote, “Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country.”


Accomplishments Background:

Her skills and experiences as a Doctor of Medical Microbiology, Biomedical Scientist, Cake Artist, Catering and Homemaking, makes her stand out in her business and in the ever-competing world, at large. She passionately and unselfishly shares her skills with people from all walks of life. She also beautifully and powerfully combines her professional skills, business, homemaking (including being a wife and mother) to bear on her care-giving activities in the vineyard of the Lord God.


Dr (Mrs) Ivie Betty Nwabineli’s accomplishments does not stop there! Unbeknown to a few, Betty is a gifted and prolific writer. She is an established author, with two scientific books already selling across the globe, and some more in the process of publishing. Her books are growing in popularity and marketed by Amazon and other notable labels across the globe. Her long-awaited book, which will soon hit the shelves is entitled  “Fulfilling the Father’s Mission”.


Another notable mention, Betty was nominated to as a panellist during the Overseas Fellowship of Nigerian Christians (OFNC) annual conference held in August 2018. She was the first to start and lead a Women’s group at the Elim Church in Douglas in the Isle of Man. She is a member of OFNC and of the Gideons. Betty later was announced the National Woman’s Coordinator for the OFNC of the UK and held her position for a phenomenal four consecutive years.



Despite her academic prowess and boasting great medical and culinary skills, Betty could not have sustained the rate at which she was developing her career without a loving and nurturing family to keep her health and spirits high. Betty Ivie is married to a wonderful man of God, Dr Nwachukwu James Nwabineli, (a senior consultant of Obstetrics and Gynaecology), who is supportive and ‘a truest friend’. According to Betty, her husband is always the ‘man after her heart’, still, after over forty-one years of a blissful marriage and counting! For years, she used her late mother as the ideal role model, but what has also kept her motivation intact is her love for God and unwavering faith. She asserts that Proverbs 31 is her living creed. Betty understands she is far from perfect, but through following this Proverb, fearing God and allowing the Holy Spirit to work within her, she continues to take momentous steps towards becoming a godly woman. Betty and James, her husband, are seniors in their Church (The Bethshan Church, Washington, Tyne and Wear) and leaders of the African Missionary Community in their church. They are blessed with grown up children, who were thoroughly-brought-up in the ways of the Lord God and all their children are doing extremely well in their chosen careers. Their married life and parenting of their children in the ways of the Lord God has drawn attraction from various families, hence a lot of others take after them and adapt to their Christian-like household. It is unsurprising to note; the couple have been involved in conducting marriage seminars in several churches and conferences in the UK and Nigeria.


They were recently featured in the book titled “The Beauty of Relationships – Focus on Marriage” by Dr Ikechukwu Madumere. Part of the vision of the Nwabineli’s is to empower married couples and those wishing to get married with adequate resources and knowledge to make the best of their married lives. They truly are an amazing couple, other acts of their kindness can be seen here after involving themselves with a ministry in Kenya that buys off sex slaves from their captors, settle them in the church, rehabilitate them and empower them to find their solace and sustenance in the Lord God.

Scope and Benefits of her work:

Betty Nwabineli is an ‘Anointed Marketplace Minister’ – meaning that she purposely takes her Christian faith and inculcates God’s work into her career and business curricula, as if she works as a fulltime gospel minister. Into the Lord’s vineyard she does the work of an Evangelist. She teaches and encourages people who are called by God to serve. Betty urges Christians in the marketplace to come to the spiritual realization; that workplace and business are practical vehicles to turn lives around to God. And that no matter what one is engaged in, being a medical doctor, lawyer, teacher, entrepreneur, farmer, administrator, nurse etc. – ‘We are ambassadors for the kingdom of God’. Betty is long-established member of the Kingdom Women in Ministry Globally (KWIMG). The vision of KWIMG is to receive and release the Word of God and Sound to nations, where it operates on three frequencies: Leadership, Collaboration and Missions. KWIMG organises local and international missions, just as it trains and mentors Kingdom Women for effectiveness. It entails team work, with specific assignments to chosen territories where the less privileged are empowered through men and women, to empower others. The bottom line of the activities is ministration through preaching and teaching of the gospel and to raise disciples, in the end times.


Life’s Philosophy:

Betty believes that family is what empowers us to achieve anything. Being a loving wife to her husband; dutiful and caring Mother to her Children; Giver of Medicare to the Sick (God then heals) and Vending of hope. She is very grateful for the abundant talents and gifts God has blessed her with, in addition to the virtues she continues to carry and exhibit from her late mother. One virtue in particular is, her altruistic need to invest in people. We are not merely referring to investment as the influx of financial resources, no. It is very possible to invest money in someone and yet not care about the person. Betty invokes her time, love, and generosity to the aid of many. She has touched countless hearts, and everyone she has encountered can testify to her altruism. But Betty gives all the glory to God and Him alone. She encourages everyone else, especially women to go the extra mile to discover, enhance and use their God-given talents to God’s glory. Betty is very passionate about empowering women and equipping them with the necessary tools to flourish in today’s society, because echoing our opening passage, throughout history, the central role of women in society has ensured the stability, progress and long-term development of nations.

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