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Bernadette Ijeh

Bernadette Ijeh

It’s awe-inspiring to witness someone a good service, thus client satisfaction with such enthusiasm committed is paramount to the development of to perpetuating the growth and her business but it also validates her recognition of numerous charity initiatives. Furthermore, the formulating of non-governmental organisations is salient with celebrities all across the world. Nevertheless, there are individuals, people whom epitomise the altruism in its truest form seldom receive the acknowledgement they deserve. Well we’d like to commend the charming and benevolent Bernadette Ijeh, for her charitable heart and consider this a worthy platform for all to admire the exemplary work she’s conducted in the charity community.

A kindred heart, born to the Esezobor family, Bernadette laid her educational foundation in Nigeria and then proceeded to United Kingdom, where she decided to further her knowledge and went on to acquire respected degree in Business.

Bernadette’s parents are from Esan, Edo State and it’s also the place where her faith in Christianity was cultivated, as she mentioned her mum was a practising Catholic. As previously aforementioned, Bernadette travelled to the UK in pursuit for further education, but her travelling didn’t end there. She proudly discussed a number of places she’s been privileged to visit “I’ve visited Paris, Dubai, the United States of America as well as living here in the UK with my lovely husband and wonderful children. I tend to oversee my business here, being a fashion designer and an accredited counsellor and a health Coach, the nature of the work bodes well with my current lifestyle, so I couldn’t be happier.”

Like all humans, Bernadette receives a lot of joy in hearing positive feedback from her clients, as whatever industry you’re in meeting your client’s/customers’ demands is the bare minimum of delivering

attentiveness and consideration for her clients. “I am very happy with my work and my clients are happy as well, I have always craved for avenues and means to make people comfortable and happy and that is why I feel very fulfilled when my clients talk to me about how satisfied they are with my services, as a good service is something they’re wholeheartedly entitled to.”

I’ve always had interest in helping charitable homes with donations to enable them with the necessary skills/ tools needed to take care of deprived and less privileged elderly. I championed the creation of the Day Care Centre for the elderly by the United Sisters International. I have a vision, to create an NGO erected in order to help orphans and provide them with care akin to the love and support I bestow onto my children. “I absolutely adore children.” She adds.

In an age where perception is everything, we are usually perceived by whom we associate ourselves with as well as how we conduct ourselves in life. Bernadette is highly regarded by people whom are yet to actually meet her. Most of these perceptions are fortified after close encounters with Bernadette and this really does illustrate her hospitable personality and motherly demeanour. There are some cases where as humans, we often judge before we should do, and in those particular instances Bernadette addresses – ‘Some people think that I am brash but I think I am the simplest and easy-going person. I just think that at my age, I have achieved a lot but I know that tomorrow holds much in store for me. I attribute my success to Almighty God. My desire of reaching greater heights is still God’s decision. He is behind all my successes’.

Achievements and Awards
1986 ———won fashion competition organised by Caribbean Airways, National airlines of Barbados. The aim to develop or research new trade Links with the Caribbean. While there to arrange and have meetings with women groups and business people
15th July 1992—–Invited to a garden Party at Buckingham palace
7th September —-Award for Breaking the barriers and

entering the international Business Arena in United States and other Countries
7th September 1996—- Award for successful business Leadership

2nd April 1994—-Received National Black women’s achievement awards
1994——-Recognised and featured by Upscale Magazine in Atlanta in United States for my work

1998———Received Golden award from Oasis promotion 2003—–Recognised as one of 23 African role models in United Kingdom – African around town business review

2016—-invited Atlanta Georgia Minority Award to present awards to successful recipient in all categories.

I am an accredited counsellor and a health Coach who now delivers facilitate training.

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