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Othello Hospitality Consulting

In places such as the Middle East and Europe, the art of fine design and decoration has been mastered for centuries. To most people who visit such locations, the intricacy and detailing of many of the interior edifices in hotels, homes and other commercial venues is simply magnificent.

Its unique bespoke designs and décor is not for the faint of hearts, as its flamboyant, breath-taking bold style, pushes boundaries of clients’ comfort zone. However in Africa, it is indeed very rare to find such uniquely crafted art décor in hospitality venues such as hotels and restaurants, much less so in homes. Even more, finding such places in sub-saharan Africa where quality and excellence in craftsmanship is often compromised becomes even almost impossible.

Amidst this seeming impossibility, one hospitality services company, Othello Hospitality Consulting, is on the quest to deliver the same level of opulence, quality and excellence found in such magnificent buildings in the Middle East and Europe, into every interior design, decorating and furnishing project that it embarks upon for its clients within the region.

Based in Abuja, Nigeria, Othello Hospitality Consulting is the brain child of Mr Stanley Unugboke who is the Founder and CEO. With a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters’ degree in International Business Management obtained from University of Surrey, United Kingdom, Mr Stanley Unugboke has depth of experience in Entrepreneurship and International Business Management, that spans 14 years. His business experience has seen him travelling globally across multiple states in North America, and countries in Latin America, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe. His entrepreneurial spirit started straight after he graduated from University. Whilst most of his mates were seeking high paying career jobs, Mr Stanley Unugboke, knew that he wanted to set up a business and deal with clients internationally. This firm desire and resolution saw him set up his first business venture selling African produced goods internationally to companies in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Italy, whilst he was still in his early twenties.

His commitment to deliver quality services and products to his clientele helped him foster firm business partnerships and friendships with global partners. However, Mr Stanley Unugboke, was not satisfied with the state of his first venture – as it was often difficult to guarantee quality levels from some local suppliers – and he desired to further his business into a territory whereby he could have more control and accountability for the finished product. In other words, he sought to become not just a supplier of products but a producer of goods and services.  It was during this period that he studied and obtained his Master’s degree in International Business Management from the prestigious University of Surrey in Guildford. Living in the United Kingdom afforded him easy access to travel around the world and never one to miss an opportunity when it presents itself, he seized upon his interest in travelling to visit as many cities as possible. With every visit to a new city, from Venice to Florence, Rome to Paris, Geneva to Bruges, China to Hong Kong, Istanbul to Beirut, he drew fresh inspiration and marvel for fine interior concepts and designs.

Mr Stanley Unugboke’s big moment to deliver on his design inspirations came when he worked as a consultant during the building of Sandralia Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria. Working closely with the Chairman, and other team members, Mr Stanley Unugboke was able to form and deliver outstanding design concepts for the hotel’s interiors.  Ever on the pursuit for excellence, Mr Stanley Unugboke visited and negotiated with leading hospitality businesses in Africa, Europe, America and the Middle East to qualify and choose out the perfect craftsmen that could deliver on bringing the design concepts to life. He soon realised that there was a stark lack of skilled craftsmen in Nigeria who could deliver on the kind of exquisite designs and finishing that was desired.

This was the pivotal point in Mr Stanley Unugboke’s business as the glaring absence of skilled craftsmen as is obtainable in other parts of the world, spurred him to envision and establish Othello Hospitality Consulting as a leader in the art of interior concept design and bespoke furnishings for hotels, restaurants, offices and homes for the Nigerian market.

In addition, the resulting success of the Sandralia Hotel concept design and furnishing opened up opportunities for him to show case more of this new found art and has led him to create and deliver new and fresh designs/furnishing for other hotels, offices and homes. Mr. Stanley Unugboke undertook a hospitality knowledge transfer training at École hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland, the foremost hospitality school in the world.  His mission for Othello Hospitality Consulting in his own words is to, “bring out signature pieces that is reflected in the design and furnishing to give every property its own unique identity.”

Mr Stanley Unugboke shares his time between the United Kingdom where he lives with his lovely wife Linda and children, and Nigeria where Othello Hospitality Consulting is based.



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