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THEODORA DANIA - “THORA JEWELS” OF HATTON GARDEN SPEAKS OUT! Her Life, The Bespoke Experience And Journey so far...

Born as Theodora Ohadike, schooled and raised at Delta State, Nigeria. Theodora finished Elementary  and secondary education at very tender age with basic qualification but has a passion for art and drawings. She gained entry to a finishing school, College of Art Lagos, where she spent her first two years studying drawing, painting and sculpture. As a hobby Theodora collects, polishes and cut stones, leather, fabrics and this led to her specialising in jewelry and fashion design’s today. Theodora first ever piece of jewelry was made from a fragment of marble stone she found on Lagos bar beach, and her love of stones can still be seen today in her collection.

Theodora’s natural flair for design was recognized during her time at College, where she won several awards following successful completion of her Diploma in Arts & Crafts, she was also awarded a Post Diploma for a further year’s professional training in Jewelry for industrial endorsement. Upon completion of her Postgraduate Diploma, Theodora worked shortly with “INDEN GROUP”, now known as MAGNUM OIL AND GAS LTD. During this time Theodora still showcases her paintings and designs alongside with her work. She won numerous prizes for her designs in the Art Council Competitions.

Theodora went back to school and was admitted at Delta State University, Lagos satellite Campus and graduated with a degree in Mass Communication. After her University degree she joined a local company as her first professional designer and model maker. During this period she designed several matching sets of jewelry, which were again selected by the jeweler Council for promotions and exhibition.

After working for few years in the jewelry industry, Theodora decided it was time to set out on the quest for greener pasture; she relocated to United Kingdom of Great Britain. ‘Living here in UK was not just as easy’, she said. She started designing jewelry for friends and families, doubled it up with extra job with House of Fraser, lakeside branch and slowly blossomed into a full time business of her own, at this point, she had found time to look, meet and marry her husband of her heart desire, Theophilus Dania, a business mogul whom she describes as her solid backdrop to her life and business.

With her husband and two lovely sons’ Clive and Irvine’s help and encouragement, her years of experience working, prepared her for the tests of building a fashion brand, called THORA JEWELS, a profession she has passion for, she sets up a designing and manufacturing of handmade designed jewelry.

In a short space of only one year ‘Thora Jewels’ became firmly established at the heart of UK’s business district, Hatton Garden. With distinctive clientele across Britain, and a few in Europe, America and Africa, Theodora was able to employ a hand full of staff and develop her workshop in Borehamwood at the suburb of London, where visitors can still visit to see the jewelry being made and displayed, aside the one stop shop at Hatton Garden.

Over the course of few years, ‘Thora Jewels’ has grown steadily, thanks to her vision and her unique ability to create beautiful jewelry that is treasured by her customers. Thora Jewels is a family runs business, and Theodora has had the invaluable support of her husband Theophilus and her sons in running and growing the business. Theodora also has a loyal –team of employees who share her vision and passion.

Looking to the future, Theodora continues to design new collections and enjoys being able to connect with her customers at her regular Meet, the Designer events. As Theodora says herself: “although the road has been long and hard to get to this point, I have enjoyed the steep learning curve required to run a business in my own way from a designer’s point of view”.


Society Celebration crew met with a forwarding – looking Bespoke designer full of ambition and zeal to accomplish her goals in jewelry making industry. A very composed, organized and talented pretty woman who is so proud of her family and her achievements thus far and is confident that the craft on space is on course to continue to deliver to her esteemed clients, her Bespoke jewelry.

Hear what she has to say:

SC: Tell us how you are able to make personalize jewelry for your esteem clients?

No one knows your partner better than you do, that’s why we work closely with our client to design a unique ring, hand chain or necklace that perfectly reflects his or her  personality and style. Perhaps you have a clear vision of the ring you want us to bring to life. Sometimes our clients even bring in pictures and sketches of their desire jewelry, this is helpful, and if you’re not sure about the design you want, don’t worry; we’ll always guide you through all the options.

If they’re able to visit us in person, we’ll show them a cross collection of our finished pieces to help illustrate some of the options and styles guided by their preferences and budget. We’ll identify a selection of diamonds and/or gemstones that best meet your requirements, and we’ll help you choose the perfect stone or stones for your ring. Once we have agreed the specifications of our  clients’ requirements we’ll provide them with a price quote to consider.

SC: What would you do when your client is looking for an inspirational jewelry and unable to visit in person?

Many of our clients are based overseas, so it isn’t a problem if you’re unable to visit our premises. We are very happy to work with you over the phone and via email. We can send you photograph of gems, designs and finished pieces

SC: How would you bring your unique design to life and your remuneration?

If you choose to commission a bespoke jewelry from us, we ask for a first deposit in order to create your unique design. We’ll email you first draft design images within a  week, which will allow you to visualize how your ring would look from every angle. Then, based on your feedback, we’ll keep modifying your design until you are completely happy with it. This design process typically takes about two to three weeks to complete.

SC: Any time limit creating your perfect Jewelry for your client and warranty?

Your ring/jewelry will be ready four to five weeks after you sign off the design. Like every piece of our jewelry, it will be hand finished in London by our master craftsmen. They’re the finest in the business, with

years of experience and exacting standards, resulting in exquisite workmanship. Every piece of finished jewelry undergoes rigorous  quality assurance checks, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty with complete confidence

SC: The big reveal?

Your finished Jewel will be presented in luxurious packaging, ready for you to collect, or for us to securely ship to you. Only at this stage do we request the final balance payment. And that’s it. You’re ready for the big reveal, with the confidence that comes  from knowing that you’ve commissioned something truly extraordinary, and right in every way.


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