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The Wisemen of SCOAN

In order to accomplish his earthly ministry, and for the Gospel of the Lord to continue to spread to all nations of the world, Jesus Christ had chosen His 12 disciples. They were men and women of integrity; who underwent training, and were with Him and to serve in the purpose and God’s vision. The mission, after His departure from the earth was thereafter carried on by the disciples. They were men and women of persevering faith (Mark 3:13-18; Matthew 28:16-20). Ordinarily, the greatest legacy any man could bequeath is to groom capable individuals to take after his good work.


The TRUTH Is That They Were All Wrong ---- PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME

Being an excerpt of the Online Version of the Interview originally conducted and published in Nigeria by The National Standard, and thereafter reprinted by The Daily Champion Newspaper of Monday January 17th, 2005, in which Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, General Overseer of The Christ Embassy, spoke on the persecution of Prophet T.B. Joshua, Miracles and some other issues. 

The humility and success of the founder of Christ Embassy is simply phenomenal. In a few years, the ministry has grown from a campus fellowship of a few hundreds to an international ministry making world-wide impact. And in nearly every country of the world, the gospel according to Pastor Chris is spreading fast. Oyakhilome talks about Jesus and the Holy Spirit as though they live together. Handsome and debonair, he delivers the message of the one he said sent him with a passion. In Nigeria his name has become synonymous with miracle healing. And when he talks about prosperity, he really is unapologetic. Hear him “I will never be broke in my life”.


World Celebrates PROPHET T.B JOSHUA @ 50

As an obedient and a true Man of God,who obeys the voice of the Lord than of the flesh, SOCIETY CELEBRATION and the teeming guests and the SCOAN flocks were reliably informed by one of the ‘Wisemen’ and the event’s announcers, that Prophet TB Joshua, rather than grace his own epic 50th birthday anniversary and mingle with the array of guests who came for his sake from all over the world, ‘’obeyed the voice of God, to celebrate the day with Him on the Mountain in prayers’’. Indeed, to buttress that the type of celebration was totally left in the hands of God to decide, the 50th celebration was titled ‘’Celebrating Prophet T.B. Joshua and not Mr T.B Joshua’’.


Royal City Of David Foundation Champions The Cause Of The Oppressed - Deacon and Deaconess Umeh

‘’Tell others your name and they would tell you whom you are’’. That is an ageless witty parable that would play out, whenever Deacon and Deaconess Charles Umeh are mentioned, not only in Imo State that they come from, but wherever they had traversed. Indeed, the name, ‘Umeh’ has good attributes, so much that all would be alerted at its mention.



"The acts of great men always remind us to live and make living so inspiring". This is an agelong adage, which meaningfully urges every man and woman to take after the noble and righteous deeds of men and women, as the only means to advancing mankind and the society, for the enjoyment of all humans.
Yet, still, the humankind is often reminded that men are born, or made, or have greatness pushed upon them. But, whatever may be the sole gift of any man, amongst the three items already put forward, a man is much better when he combines two or three of the gifts, if he must manage the affairs of men, efficiently.

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