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A LESSON CALLED ‘PATIENCE’ AND ‘GOODLUCK’- A thing Nigerians ought to learn!

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In the diverse Nigerian culture, where names have meanings and those who bear such names should evidently act according to the meaning(s) of the name, there is no doubt that Dame ‘Patience’ Goodluck Jonathan is ‘playing to type’ her first name, ‘Patience’. About an African adage, “There may be some medicine that does not work, but there is certainly no ‘patience’ that is not effective”.

When in 1957 Chief Lazarus Iwari-Oba and his wife gave birth to ‘Patience’, their love, the hands of foresight and God Almighty were must have been with both parents and baby Patience, as the events of today have proven so. And so an innocent girl-child, who went through the vicissitudes of life, to become the “Mother” of Africa’s most illustrious country and the biggest democracy in the world, would not say that the omnipotent God has not cracked the kernel for her and her Siamese husband; ‘Goodluck’ Jonathan, who also has a first name of import, and who is also divinely overloaded.

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