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METROTILES NIGERIA- Ten years of quality product and service delivery



 As its numerous clients and friends hobnob to celebrate with the staff and management of ‘Metrotile Nigeria’, during its 10th year anniversary held recently, Society Celebration Magazine was instantly alerted to the utterances involuntarily made by an important client of the company, who was amongst the teeming guests.

‘‘Metrotile Nigeria is like the shield-caps and some beautiful coloration thrown down from the heavens, as permanent rooftops and imposing skylines for Nigerian cities’. A villager who once saw ahead from the hills the colour of the sky-space of a Nigerian city was once excited that he was going to enter the promise-land’’. With a drink in one hand and a souvenir of Metrotile Nigeria in the other the Metrotile Nigeria’s customer may have so declared ‘innocently’ while chuckling in excitement.

But, the exact implications of this statement happened to have dawned on this reporter as he actually visualized the Abuja skyline from an airplane, which circumnavigated the airspace of the Nigeria’s capital city before landing. Truly, nearly all the Abuja house-tops, like in many Nigerian cities and villages, wore ‘different shapes and kinds of “roofing caps” that are decorated in myraids of different colours. Apart from the artistic impressions that the Metrotile Company’s roofing company gives, the company’s varied products are known to be solid, durable and not susceptible to the rusting or ‘tear and wear’ often associated with other roofing sheets.

For Metrotile Company, a subsidiary company of Metrotile Europe, the great impacts the firms and the franchised product have made in the Nigerian market was evident in the crowd of the various clienteles and friends who grace the occasion from within and outside the shores of Nigeria. Apart from the long list of corporate/individual clients and friends who attended from all over Europe, America, Asia (particularly Belgium) the Nigerian governments, diplomatic missions, business and social communities were all represented in the classic event.

The Event Proper

Like the colourful tiles and roofing products of the company, the venue of the event was decorated in various colours, but with Green, White and Yellow dominating. This was also reflected in the fully decorated sets of tables and chairs which were arranged in nine persons per set. With the great numbers of foreigners who arrived in the entourage of the Chairman of Metrotile Europe, the native and foreign modes of dressing were balanced up. In order to meet the entertainment need of the varied guests present at the occasion, local and continental music, food and drinks were made available to guests.

The Master of Ceremony (MC) anchored the occasion in the personality of Bisi Olatilo, a veteran television broadcaster and presenter, who handled the activities of the event with expertise. The various guests having been introduced, an opening prayer followed. An acrobatic dance from Enugu State thrilled the large turnout of audience.

About Metrotile Nigeria

Mr. Chris Okafor is the Managing Director of Metrotile Nigeria, while Mr. Sergio Canin, is the President of Metrotile Europe, to which the Nigerian company is a subsidiary. In a speech to the local and international audience present at the occasion, Mr Okafor gave a vivid narration about the Metrotile Nigeria, which he said sprang up in 2003. He appreciated the company for helping to improve the housing situation in the country, aided with the liberal policies to foreign investors by the Federal Government of Nigeria, particularly with the coming of President Goodluck Jonathan. He also recalled how he got in contact with the Metrotile Europe in a trade fare held in Cameroun in 2003. With the roofing of the  house he had built in his home village, he nurtured the desire to go into the business.

‘’Today our relationship Metrotile Europe has given rise to over 500 branches of vibrant distribution outlets across Nigeria alone. This also has brought about active participation and greater improvement to the associated chain of companies and businesses, worldwide’’.

Patronage, Accolades and Prayers for Metrotile Nigeria

Apart from thanking the Federal Government of President Jonathan for creating the conducive environment for foreign business investments to thrive, he thanked some state governments, particularly Kano State for patronizing his company. The government of Kano State, he said patronized them for buying the Metrotile products in the development of the popular Kwankasia Estate of Kano. Also, he gave kudos to his numerous customers and above all, thanked God Almighty for the vision and strength with which they had continued in business.
There was the cutting of the 10th Anniversary Cake and ground Opening Ceremony to declare the venue open for business. This was Officiated by Chief (Dr.) Fabian Nwora, the Multi-billionaire  estate developer and owner of EfAB Estates, First Generation Bank and others. Performing the opening ceremony, the renowned philanthropist admonished the management of Metrotile Nigeria to keep up a high spirit and better the Nigerian nation and the African continent. This he anchored in the name of Jesus Christ.

Gifts and Awards Galore for Metrotile

Nigeria Staff and others
Mr. Okafor, the Metrotile Nigeria boss gave out a gift of a brand new Car, a Red ‘Toyota Camry LE’ to Pastor Olu. But the climax of the event was the presentation of honourary and merit awards to deserving staff and quality customers of the Metrotile production team, by Mr. Chris Okafor the MD Nigeria and Mr. Sergio Canini for Metrotile Europe. These awardees included the following:
The Kano State Government – Leading Customer Award.
Okafor Vincent - Best Distributor on Estate Development.
Okafor Nwabu Clement - Longest Serving Staff
Okeke Jude and Udora Nneka Christiana -

Best and Most Prolific Marketers

Engr. Okafor Chris –Best Staff Award
Ezeanya Chukwuma and Samuel Olatunji - Business Revolution Award.
While a bag of Souvenirs was given each to all the guests present




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