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Born Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary of York on April 21 1926 - the year of the General Strike - she was never expected to be Queen. But she has become the longest reigning and oldest monarch in British history - and now the first to reach 90 years. In her reign, Britain has undergone major transformations from technological advances such as computers and supersonic flight to developments in society and the political landscape.

Her Majesty the Queen (Queen Elizabeth 11) head of State for the roughly two billion people within the Commonwealth and territories which fall under the jurisdiction of her Crown, alsoholds considerable power; she simply chooses not to exercise it to its fullest extent. In the UK for example, her permission (Royal Assent) is required for the passage of any law, she has the authority to dissolve parliament, to declare war, to create and enter into treaties, pardon criminals, etc.

During her 64-year reign the monarch has been served by 12 prime ministers from Sir Winston Churchill to Mr Cameron and now Theresa May, while Barack Obama is the 12th US president to hold office over the same period. Theresa May was the home secretary under Prime Minister David Cameron. May, 59, accepted an invitation from Queen Elizabeth II to form a new government just minutes after David Cameron, the outgoing prime minister, tendered his resignation to the 90-year-old. Queen endorses Theresa May, a Conservative politician, as the Britain’s second female prime minister after Margaret Thatcher, who led the country from 1979 until 1990.

Her Majesty the Queen, whose commitment to her duties has won her the respect and admiration of people all over the world, Her Majesty the Queen has been a constant for the nation through decades of social change. Now, as she turns 90 – becoming the first British monarch to celebrate such a landmark birthday – the nation celebrated with the Royal Family as they have always done on so many happy occasions, declared street parties, many have it as a special moment to remember in history.


Thousands withnessed Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations -marked with the flypast that followed the Trooping the Colour ceremony. At midday an array of approximately 30 aircraft, including a Chinook helicopter, a Spitfire and Hurricane pair, Tornadoes, Typhoons and, of course, the Red Arrows, zoomed over The Mall and Buckingham Palace.

While the three-minute flypast may seem a short period of time, a huge amount of preparation took place months prior to the event day to ensure safety integration of the flypast aircraft with the operations in the busy London airspace.

Britain’s longest-serving monarch celebrates her milestone, street party for thousands A giant street party for the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrated her support of more than 600 organisations and charities. The Patron’s Lunch was also attended by 10,000 guests - many from charities supported by the Queen - in London’s The Mall.

The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince William and Prince Harry all attended the party. The Organiser of the party, Peter Phillips – the Queen’s grandson - said his grandmother was “excited”. The street party was culmination of a weekend of national event to celebrate the Queen’s official 90th birthday.

A service of thanksgiving - was attended by the Queen and Prince Philip which was held at St Paul’s Cathedral. The following day the traditional Trooping the Colour ceremony was staged in Horse Guards Parade.

There were other Celebrations and events inside the grounds of Windsor Castle. The Queen drew cheers and laughter from the crowd as she joked that while she appreciated the birthday wishes she had received; she may not feel the same if she continues to hear Happy Birthday for the next few months.

“I much appreciate the kindness of all your birthday wishes, and have been delighted and moved by the many cards and messages I have received,” the Monarch told the audience. “How I will feel if people are still singing Happy Birthday to me in December, remains to be seen!”

Prince William’s sweet tribute to ‘granny’ and the Queen’s light-hearted birthday speech Prince William added a personal touch to proceedings as he addressed the Queen at the Patron’s Lunch on Sunday afternoon. Taking to the Admiralty Arch Stage on the Mall, William thanked his “granny” for everything she does for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren in a moving tribute.

After talking to the 10,000-strong crowd about his grandmother and the work she has done as Patron of over 600 charities, William turned his attention to the role she has as head of the royal family.

“Before I finish, I hope you won’t mind if I say a personal thank you to The Queen - and to do so on behalf of all her grandchildren – and great-grandchildren,” Prince William said. “Granny, thank you for everything you have done for your family. We could not wish you a happier birthday.”


Prince William introduced Her Majesty to the stage, and her short speech showed the “sharp wit and famous sense of humour” that he had referred to.



MISS NIGERIA UK is a historic pageant that has positively taken over the sceptic reality of classic exhibition of beauties in the wide eyes of Africans particularly Nigerians domiciling in Diaspora.

A very curious surprise as it represents the most clamouring form, showcase the beauty, and brains of the Nigerian woman. Created in 1996 and hosted by Natasha Ojie Foundation, the pageant has continued to grow in size and glamour.

Miss Nigeria UK attracts contestants from all parts of the United Kingdom. Aside beauty and good educational stance contestants must be of Nigerian extraction and descent. The pageant owes its existence to the dream of a remarkable little girl, Natasha Isimeme Ojie (1988 – 1994).

Natasha’s brief life touched hearts and impacted lives. Natasha was diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was only four years old. For one and a half years she went through several surgical operations and suffered the terrible after effects of chemotherapy. Amidst all this, she showed unbelievable bravery, not permitting this tragically terminal illness to deter her.

Natasha put on a disarming smile, went to school as usual and never looked ill. At the Great Ormond Street Hospital where her condition was being managed, the staff contacted the starlight Foundation, a charity that supports the terminally ill. Starlight Foundation sought to make Natasha’s final wishes come true. Her demands were simple; to meet Cilia Black and visit Disneyland. To her greatest delight, her wishes were granted. While Natasha’s sister and brother sought to buy toys and other trivia at Disneyland, Natasha curiously bought herself a single item, which turned out to be a symbolic cornerstone for the Miss Nigeria UK beauty pageant.

She bought a crown and said daddy, I am a queen, as she put it on. Sadly, four days after her return from Euro Disney, she fell desperately ill and it was discovered that the tumour had spread to cover Natasha’s entire brain. Now bed-ridden, she rose one morning to reveal that she had a spectacular dream; she was a queen, riding a white horse in a beautiful place, surrounded by people dancing and jubilating. Natasha died a few weeks later. Indeed, Natasha’s parents were inspired by their little girl’s courage and vision in the face of death. Natasha left them with a legacy of a sense of triumph.

It slowly became clear that the only way to keep Natasha’s memory alive forever was to build a project around her dream of becoming a queen, hence the concept of Miss Nigeria UK. Miss Nigeria UK is aimed at supporting African children, portraying a positive image of Nigeria and to promote the campaign for breast cancer awareness.

The latest edition, which is slated for the last weekend of November 2016, is currently in the audition stage. With its continuous bulging fame, meanwhile, see past queens




The potents of life are colourful; sometimes its dynamics are swift, bright and delicate. Some are born into this beautiful world with heavens awaits them, while others wait on destiny to get the best out of squeeze. So when Chief (Dr) Ach Mike Onolememen’s dreams married his fortunes and consonance in his professional discipline, life for the young man blazed in glory. Little by little he began to molding a scepter of a crown, a short step that spawned a circle of event that is fast making him champion.

He was born over five decades ago into love, he had a wonderful parentage, even though he was never fed with a golden spoon, and he had a humble beginning, and grew up in a polygamous family who knew the meaning of love. He would always give kudos and thanks to his parents Mr and Mrs Augustine Aizehiwele Onolememen who brought him up and taught him how to be industrious, through him he leant the ropes of hard work as well as the satisfaction that comes with it. To him, every task had a purpose and every challenge a learning point. So, at a very tender age, he knew what it meant to set targets and achieve results.

He went to the best schools, and was fortunate to have benefited from the robust educational system that flourished in Nigeria then, he was educated severally through the 70s and 80s at St Anthony Primary School (now Opujie Primary School) Uromi; Annunciation Catholic College (ACC) Irrua; Kings College, Lagos; Bendel State University (now Ambrose Alli University), Ekpoma; University of Nnsukka; and the University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos.

He went through the mills of quality as an architect, and bags Bachelor of science (B. Sc) Honours (second class upper) in Architecture and another Master’s of Science (M. Sc) in Construction management and registered by the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (A.R.C.O.N) Arc. Onolememen is a full member of the Nigerian Institute of Architects and Walden University MN, USA. He has a Master’s Degree in Architecture, M. Sc in Construction Management and PhD in Public Policy Administration.

Haven’t drank from upper professional well spring of knowledge and saw the need to set up a world class architectural design outfit called ‘Gomic Consortium International Limited (a firm of architects, engineers and projects managers with offices in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja) Architect Onolememen seats as the Chairman Chief Executive and a chartered architect and development consultant.

To firm up the professional background, he had to cut his technical teeth, by varied working experience at both the private and public sectors of the national economy and in the year 2000, Chief (Dr) Arc. Mike Onolememen was appointed a member of the interim Management committee of the Petroleum Trust Fund by the President, Commander in chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, where he doubled as Executive Director, projects Management- that placed him in charge managing key PTF projects in all the nooks and crannies of the Federation. He served as a minister of State in the ministry of Defense and also the past minister of works, of the federal Republic of Nigeria.

Chief (Dr) Arc. Mike Oziegbe Onolememen led the negotiation at the joint Ministerial Council of Nigeria Sao Tome Joint Development Authority (JDA) for the establishment of bilateral military commission (BMC) to ensure the protection of off-shore investments in the joint development zone (JDZ) of both countries.

He supervised the Nigerian Air Force and key Defense Parastatals, including Defense Industry Corporation (DICON), National Defense College, Armed Forces Command and staff College, Defense health maintenance Ltd, Nigeria Defense Academy, Armed Forces resettlement center, Defense intelligence Agency, etc. He was engage in initiating, managing and supervising roads infrastructural development and rehabilitation throughout Nigeria as the past minister of works. 

Like the thorough professional he truly is, Mike Oziegbe Onolememen, the gracious Nigerian minister of works, has employed his expertise of a thoroughly trained ‘engineer’ and community builder to fixing over 32 major express ways, township roads and bridges across the length and breadth of the country, thus carving for himself an uncommon niche ‘as the most outstanding works minister, since Nigeria’s return to civilian government in 1999. Also, his superlative performance as the first overseer of the Nigerian road construction works is now largely regarded as a benchmark performance for the past and future works ministers in the country.

He was also a member, PDP 2011 special Convention planning committee for the election of the PDP Presidential candidate. Chief (Dr) Arc. Mike Onolememen is described as a strong work force motivator, Good team player, a leader by example, has strong transformational leadership skills, has proactive management skills and is technically strong in ICT. Overtime, his versatility, meekness and uncommon dedication to duty, has made him a role model of the sort to numerous of his countrymen and women, particularly the teeming youths. Chief (Dr) Mike Onolememen, is happily married to his heartthrob of so many years Bibian, and they have four lovely children.

In recognition of the outstanding developments to the nation and the human race, individuals, communities and States government, honoured Chief (Dr) Mike onolememen with awards and tittles across the thirty-two states of the federation.

First, it was the people of Niger State that honoured him with the indigenous title of the "Builder". later, it was the government and people of Bayelsa state that gave him the Golden Plag as a symbol of love and honorary Citizenship of the Ijaw Nation. This award was presented to him by the Governor of Bayelsa State, Hon Seriake Dickson. Also not forgotten the Honorary Citizenship of the State of Georgia, USA awarded him in June, 2015, for his excellent service to humanity. HRM Anslem Eidenojie II, the Ojuromi of Uromi, also confer on him the title, ADOLOR of Uromi Kingdom.

On Easter day, Monday the 28th March, 2016, the Royal Palace of the Ojuromi of Uromi Kingdopm, wore celebrating colourful look, as His Royal Majesty Zaiki Anslem Edenojie 11, MFR, Uromi chiefs in council and cross section of Esan traditional rulers honours a great son of the soil, Chief (Dr) Arc. Mike Onolememen, he was decorated the ADOLOR of Uromi Kingdom.

Distinguished guests present at the occasion were most vibrant members of the Federal House of Representatives, Senators, local government chairmen, ministers, it was an endless list, with members of the diplomatic corps and the international community prominently present








For those of us who have the privilege of knowing Chief Christopher Akhuemokhan Ekeoba the Abumere of Esanland, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Ejaac and partners, the conferment of the prestigious chieftaincy title on him by the Onojie of Irrua, His Royal Majesty, Alhaji W. O Momodu II, JP, the Okaijesan of Esanland, is an opportunity to celebrate this thoroughbred philanthropist from Esan, and to say thank you. His persistent outstanding qualities made him worthy and deserving recipient of the title.

“I have not come to play politics, no; I have come to celebrate with my people, the people of EsanLand because God has eventually heard their prayers” - Chris Eke

Hail from Idumebo, a community in Irrua, Esan Central Local Government Area of Edo State, one of the most populous communities in Irrua that also raised the former Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Admiral Augustus Aikhomu in his blessed memory .

Esan people are blessed because of its varied occupation: traditionally agriculturalists, trado-medical practitioners, mercenary warriors and hunters. They cultivate yams, cassava, maize, rice, groundnut, bananas, oranges, plantains, and various vegetables

In recent times, due to the poor and inaccessible road to major farmlands, the sales of farm products were not commensurate to the labour cost, and most times the perishable farm produce did not have exit to the wider markets.

On the educational aspects, parents were not able to come up with children’s school fees or even those graduated from schools stayed idle, jobless for years due to lack of employment. The fortunate ones that qualify for bank loans couldn’t access it as a result of high interest rate.

Those that learnt hand work/semi skills lack the quality tools, and if they have, its in pitiable conditions.  However, all those were before the coming of Chris Ekeoba who has also had a sting of the poverty. He has now firmly put Esan people in the league of contemporary societies by launching a Foundation called “Chris Ekeoba Charity Foundation”. The primary objective of the foundation is to financially empower and aid entrepreneurial propagation and human development through socio economic assistance for business expansion of Esan people. The foundation is also for the enhancement of the welfare of the Esan people by empowering them through interest free credit for the expansion of their businesses and livelihood.

The anchor of the occasion, Dr Austine Aghemeno, a great son of the soil, read the citation of Christopher Akhuemokhan Ekeoba and that of his lovely wife Mrs Esther Ekeoba and formally iterated the reason why every one gathered on the faithful day.

The Okaijessan of Esanland, then declares; “we have come to acknowledge the good work you Chris Ekeoba is doing on the people of Idumebo which by extension has touched lives in Esanland, and to reaffirm our support and say thank you, I today confer on you and your lovely wife with the following tittles; The Abumere of Esanland and the Ehimen of Irrua Kingdom respectively”.

Since the Launch of the foundation, the word is on the lips of the old and young. He has also won hearts of the communities across Esanland through his focused rural transformation programmes, as he just build a multi-purpose hall for his community at Idumebo.

It was in appreciation of such quality representation that the Onojie of Irrua, His Royal Majesty, Alhaji W. O Momodu II, JP, the Okaijesan of Esanland and the elders of Idumebo felt it was necessary to honor this great man (Chris Ekeoba) with an Elder and a befitting tittle, (The Abumere of Esanland).



In fact, anyone who saw the little children, market women, old and the young line up from the entrance into the Onojie of Irrua’s palace, venue where the chieftaincy titles were conferred on them (Chris and his beautiful wife, Esther), would understand that Chris Ekeoba had touched lives the way no one had ever done.

People who saw the large number of traditional High chiefs with sea of guests that throng to the palace of the Onojie of Irrua to witness the conferment of chieftaincy titles on Chris Ekeoba and his beautiful wife by the Okaijesan of Esanland, would described the event as a carnival of sort. According to one of the traditional chiefs, “the traditional ruler decided to honour Chris Ekeoba with the glamorous title because of his developmental strides across Esanland in particular. The title ‘Abumere’ is a title bestowed on persons that brings development, progress and peace to the people”.

The anchor of the occasion, Dr Austine, a great son of the soil, read the citation of Christopher Akhuemokhan Ekeoba and that of his lovely wife Mrs Esther Ekeoba and formally iterated the reason why every one gathered on the faithful day.

The Okaijessan of Esanland, then declares; “we have come to acknowledge the good work you Chris Ekeoba is doing on the people of Idumebo which by extension has touched lives in Esanland, and to reaffirm our support and say thank you, I today confer on you and your lovely wife with the following tittles; The Abumere of Esanland and the Ehimen of Irrua Kingdom respectively”.

Chief Chris Ekeoba, in his response, says he is very overwhelmed and humbled by the decision of the traditional ruler the Okaijesan of Esanland for the conferment of the great title on him and his lovely wife. “This is not just another title. I have been offered different titles by different traditional rulers and for personal reasons I have not accepted them even though I appreciate them. But as your son, you deemed it fit that my wife and I should be honuor with these great titles and we accept them whole-heartedly,” he said. According to him, “as the Abumere of Esanland, I now have the duty to do more for my people. And to the high chiefs and well wishers he reiterated saying, I have not come to play politics, no; I have come to celebrate with my people, the people of EsanLand because God has eventually heard their prayers, if in the future I ask you for a vote for any politician please don’t listen to me. Chris certainly captured the whole essence of the day when he declared that he hadn’t any dubious intentions and emphasized that he came instead to rejoice with the people for God had heard their age-long wailing and is now using him and as a tool to wipe away their tears.

Chris and Chief Mrs Esther Okeoba entered the arena in a grand style with distinguished senators, members of House of Representatives, well over fifteen traditional rulers, LGA chairmen in Esanland and dignitaries of various categories were present to witness the launching of the Foundation.


That there was no drop of rain during the ceremony and that no one was stampeded to death in the mammoth crowd also show that even the heavens were happy with Chris Ekeoba. It was a triumph of spirit over flesh, love over hate, will over wickedness, and good over evil. It was serious down pour after the event.






Theresa May was the home secretary under Prime Minister David Cameron. May, accepted an invitation from Queen Elizabeth II to form a new government just minutes after David Cameron, the outgoing prime minister, tendered his resignation to the 90-year-old. Queen endorsed Theresa May, a Conservative politician, as the Britain’s second female prime minister after Margaret Thatcher, and the second longest serving home office secretary in the past 100 years.


The 59-year-old formal home secretary’s carefully cultivated image of political dependability and unflappability appears to have made her the right person at the right time as the fallout from the UK’s vote to leave the EU smashed possible rivals out of contention. Long known to have nurtured leadership hopes, Mrs May - whose friends recall her early ambition to be the UK’s first female PM - could have reasonably expected to have had to wait until at least 2018 to have a shot at Downing Street. But the EU referendum which David Cameron called and lost, the year after leading the party to its first election win in 23 years - turned political certainties on their head and, as other candidates fell by the wayside after the Prime Minister’s own resignation, Mrs May emerged as the “unity” candidate that succeeded him.

Theresa May has insisted “Brexit means Brexit” and there will be no second referendum on the issue. She says official talks on leaving, which will begin when the UK triggers the so-called Article 50, won’t begin until the end of 2016 at the earliest. She has insisted the status of EU nationals in the UK won’t change until a new “legal agreement” is reached but has yet to give a guarantee on their status. She says the best deal is needed to trade with the EU in goods and services but more control is needed to lower immigration.


Who is Theresa May?

Daughter of a Church of England Vicar, Hubert. Born in Sussex but raised and spent most of her growing up in Oxfordshire, and attended a state primary school, an independent convent school and then a grammar school in the village of Wheatley, which became the Wheatley Park Comprehensive School during her time then. Theresa in her early days took part in a pantomime that was produced by her father and worked in the bakery on Saturdays to earn little pocket money.

In her third year, she met her husband Philip, who was president of the Oxford Union, a well-known breeding ground for future political leaders. The story has it that they were introduced at a Conservative Association disco by the subsequent Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. They married in 1980.

Her university friend Pat Frankland, once said: “I cannot remember a time when Theresa May did not have political ambitions. “I well remember, at the time, that she did want to become the first woman prime minister and she was quite irritated when Margaret Thatcher got there first.” Like so many others of her generation, she went to Oxford University to study and found that her personal and political lives soon became closely interwoven. After graduating with a degree in Geography, May, went to work in the City, initially started work at the Bank of England and later rising to become head of the European Affairs Unit of the Association for Payment Clearing Services.

Her Politics

But it was already clear that she saw her future in politics. She was elected as a local councilor in Merton, south London, and served her ward for a decade, rising to become deputy leader. However, she was soon setting her sights even higher. Mrs May, who has become a confidante as well as role model for aspiring female MPs – told prospective candidates before the 2015 election that “there is always a seat out there with your name written on it”.

In her case - like that of Margaret Thatcher – it took a bit of time for her to find hers. She first dipped her toe in the water in 1992, where she stood in the safe Labour seat of North West Durham, coming a distant second to Hilary Armstrong, who went on to become Labour’s chief whip in the Blair government.

Her fellow candidates in that contest also included a very youthful Tim Farron, who is now Lib Dem leader. Two years later, she stood in Barking, east London, in a by-election where - with the Conservative government at the height of its unpopularity - she got fewer than 2,000 votes and saw her vote share dip more than 20%. But her luck was about to change.

 The Conservatives’ electoral fortunes may have hit a nadir in 1997, when Tony Blair came to power in a Labour landslide, but there was a silver lining for the party and for the aspiring politician when she won the seat of Maidenhead in Berkshire. It’s a seat she has held ever since. An early advocate of Conservative “modernisation” in the wilderness years that followed, Mrs May quickly joined the shadow cabinet in 1999 under William Hague as shadow education secretary and in 2002 she became the party’s first female chairman under Iain Duncan Smith. She then held a range of senior posts under Michael Howard but was conspicuously not part of the “Notting Hill set” which grabbed control of the party after its third successive defeat in 2005 and laid David Cameron and George Osborne’s path to power.

This was perhaps reflected in the fact that she was initially given the rather underwhelming job of shadow leader of the House of Commons. But she gradually raised her standing and by 2009 had become shadow work and pensions secretary. Nevertheless, her promotion to the job of home secretary when the Conservatives joined with the Lib Dems to form the first coalition government in 70 years was still something of a surprise - given that Chris Grayling had been shadowing the brief in opposition.

While the Home Office turned out to be the political graveyard of many a secretary of state in previous decades, Mrs May refused to let this happen - mastering her brief with what was said to be a microscopic attention to detail and no little willingness to enter into battles with fellow ministers only when she thought it necessary. Hear what fellow cabinet members had to say; After one “difficult” meeting with Mr Clegg, he reportedly told David Laws: “You know, I’ve grown to rather like Theresa May... ‘She’s a bit of an Ice Maiden and has no small talk whatsoever - none. I have quite difficult meetings with her. Cameron once said, ‘She’s exactly like that with me too!’ “She is instinctively secretive and very rigid, but you can be tough with her and she’ll go away and think it all through again.”

Even before entering Downing Street, she made history by becoming the second longest serving home secretary in the past 100 years. On the plus side crime levels fell, the UK avoided a mass terrorist attack and in 2013, she successfully deported radical cleric Abu Qatada - something she lists as one of her proudest achievements, along with preventing the extradition to America of computer hacker Gary McKinnon.

She was not afraid to take on vested interests, stunning the annual conference of the Police Federation in 2014 by telling them corruption problems were not just limited to “a few bad apples” and threatening to end the federation’s automatic right to enroll officers as its members. Labour MP Yvette Cooper, who went up against her in the Commons as shadow home secretary, told The Guardian: “I respect her style - it is steady and serious. She is authoritative in parliament – superficial attacks on her bounce off.

There was a bitter public row with cabinet colleague Michael Gove over the best way to combat Islamist extremism, which ended with Mr Gove having to apologised to the prime minister and Mrs May having to sack a long-serving special adviser - a turf war which is said to have led to a diminution in her admiration for the prime minister.

One of Westminster’s shrewdest as well as toughest operators, Mrs May’s decision to campaign for the UK to remain in the EU but to do so in an understated way and to frame her argument in relatively narrow security terms reaped dividends after the divisive campaign. During what turned out to be a short-lived leadership campaign, Mrs May played strongly on her weight of experience, judgement and reliability in a time of crisis. While her wider political appeal is, as yet, untested, Mrs May will not have to face a general election until May 2020 unless she decides to seek a fresh mandate – something she has seemingly ruled out.

While the early years of Mrs May’s time in Downing Street may be dominated by the process of divorcing the UK from the EU and the deal she will be able to strike, she has also insisted she won’t be content with the “safe pair of hands” tag that is often attached to her. Brexit, she has said, won’t be allowed purely to define her time in office and she has promised a radical programme of social reform, underpinned by values of One Nation Toryism, to promote social mobility and opportunity for the more disadvantaged in society. But with a slender parliamentary majority of 17 and a nation still riven by divisions over the EU referendum and anxiety over the future, she will face as tough a task, some say even tougher, than any of her recent predecessors in Downing Street.

Theresa May has pledged a shake-up of boardroom ethics as part of which workers will be guaranteed representation on company boards while shareholders vote on executive pay deals will be made binding every year.


On the future of the party; “(It is) nothing less than the patriotic duty of our party to unite and to govern in the best interests of the whole country. We need a bold, new positive vision for the future of our country - a country that works not for a privileged few but for every one of us.” Says people want more than just a “Brexit PM” and has vowed to unify the Leave and Remain factions in the party.



Her longevity is a great source of her strength and popularity

It is a significant milestone, her majesty the Queen has made history; she becomes the longest reigning British monarch as she passed the record set on the 9th of September by her greatgreat- grandmother Queen Victoria who, Buckingham Palace has calculated, reigned for 23,226 days, 16 hours and 23 minutes. “The Queen’s longevity is a great source of her strength and popularity. She has lived through World War Two and throughout the 20th century. Many people will not have known a different British monarch.”

Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II when she was 25 on the death of her father King George VI on February 6, 1952. Like Victoria, she has acted as a figure of  continuity as the country has modernized. She has served, with Philip at her side, through the 20th century, the Millennium and into the 21st century, witnessing new technological advances and a succession of British governments of different political persuasions.


ARC. MIKE OZIEGBE ONOLEMEMEN bags a national award - Commander of the order of Niger (CON)




The Nigeria’s minister of Works, Arc Mike Oziegbe Onolemenmen, would never cease to bask in the excitement that greets him whenever he is acknowledged and given accolades over his solid performances at the Federal Ministry of Works. For a professional who is well trained and given the opportunity to prove his worth, there is no way high performance and states-craft would not seem to be his second nature.


Nigeria National Awards 2014 Edition Hailed As The Best Ever

A former notice from Dr Tunde Adejumo, Director (Special Duties Office) of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, gave concise information about the schedules of the Awards. The Investiture was held in the morning hour at the International Conference Centre, Abuja. Obviously for security sake, all Award Recipients were each entitled to enter the venue with two guests only. To ease transport problems, shuttle bus services were presented to all Award Recipients, Guests and invited Government Officials from the Eagle Square to the International Conference Centre.


DR MRS NGOZI OLEJEME - Inspiring the Nigeria’s Women Folks

Mrs. Ngozi Juliet Olejeme is a perfect example of a woman persona, who has broken free from ‘imposed’ and ‘self-imposed’ blockades that usually dragged behind, most individual women from achieving their dreams, in a nation’s scheme of things usually predetermined and dominated by the males. Being a seasoned administrator, philanthropist, entrepreneur and politician etc., she dominated the corporate world, before delving into politics.


A LESSON CALLED ‘PATIENCE’ AND ‘GOODLUCK’- A thing Nigerians ought to learn!



In the diverse Nigerian culture, where names have meanings and those who bear such names should evidently act according to the meaning(s) of the name, there is no doubt that Dame ‘Patience’ Goodluck Jonathan is ‘playing to type’ her first name, ‘Patience’. About an African adage, “There may be some medicine that does not work, but there is certainly no ‘patience’ that is not effective”.

When in 1957 Chief Lazarus Iwari-Oba and his wife gave birth to ‘Patience’, their love, the hands of foresight and God Almighty were must have been with both parents and baby Patience, as the events of today have proven so. And so an innocent girl-child, who went through the vicissitudes of life, to become the “Mother” of Africa’s most illustrious country and the biggest democracy in the world, would not say that the omnipotent God has not cracked the kernel for her and her Siamese husband; ‘Goodluck’ Jonathan, who also has a first name of import, and who is also divinely overloaded.

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