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JOY MARRIED IN STYLE - Signing the dotted line saying I DO




The Church wedding of Joy and Charles was held at Dunamis International Gospel Centre, (FCT) Abuja. As Joy and her bridal trail walked through the church aisle, everyone was captivated by the sight and the spirit of the moment. The bride exuded so much grace and beauty, there was no doubt that single girls would love to live the experience, self-experience the magic moment, and those that are married relive it again.

Neither the bride nor the groom thought their romance would start with a chance meeting, but then such is the wonderful way love sometimes strikes. In this case, the two people who are suddenly smitten by love today are devoted Christians. Like a good wine, true love gets better with time. The couple had only just met months back, and in a matter of weeks they had become an item. The more they settle into the relationship the clearer they saw that they were so compatible that they might just as well have been made for each other. 

In all that we do. God comes first, that is the dictum. The devoted woman of God Mrs Kifasi and relations, parents of Joy and Charles have come to handover their seal of approval of their children in holy matrimony to God. The officiating minister charged the couple to look at each other as one. Glowingly, the church brightens up with the colours of the day. Friends and families of the Joy and Charles were all gorgeously dress up for the wedding ceremony.


The conduct of the service was quintessential, especially as the organist played hymns eulogizes the holiness of God and matrimony while the declaration of “I DO” was conducted in front of the alter as the wedding band is finally slipped on to Joy’s finger. One thing that is peculiar with all church services is the solemn atmosphere it usually carries. The blissfulness was not lost in the occasion. This was evident from what some of the eminent dignitaries said, “this is one of the fulfillment of life. As a mother myself, I can’t but rejoice with my friend. When you do this for your children in life, you have achieved one of the successes in life….” Mrs Jonathe, CEO of Ladies Affairs cosmetics, Nigeria.

Finally, the process of transition is complete, as the Hausa would say; – Now the woman has become the wife. Let the go-between simmer. From this day on, Joy and Charles are husband and wife.


What a graceful journey, especially that it’s her heart’s desire. The last prayers for the couple reverberated from the Officiating minister, as the congregation stood as a mark of respect for these two who had willingly come to be one. The officiating minister, urge the couple to see themselves as an example of Christ’s love for mankind, he admonished them to lay their marriage foundation on God’s love and always put God first in all they do. The couple exchanged their marriage vows and were duly pronounced husband and wife. The happy guest cheered joyfully. This was followed by the signing of the marriage register.


As they move through the aisle alongside the bridal train to exit the church, the hymn – guide me o thou great Jehovah, favored their steps. And so the solemnization came to an end but not with the usual wedding reception. 


 After the solemnization and church service, the friends, relatives invited guests of the couples proceeded to the venue of the grand reception at International Women Centre, Central district, Abuja. The hall was electrifying as super stars’ artists began to come on stage to do their stuffs “I’m indeed very happy; it is my day of joy” Mrs Kifasi said to the barrage of news reporters who ran up to her for comments. What more would any parent desire? Am really grateful to God.


The one thing that is intriguing in the whole celebration of this wedding is the fact that almost everybody that attended the ceremony right from the engagement bit was there till the reception. And that is a mark of honour to the newly wed and their parents. Reception ceremonies are usually the same and this was not an exemption though the lush with which this reception was organized shows the class of the organizers.


The grand ballroom at the international Women Centre played a host to the grand reception organised by Nungtso Charity Foundation for their guests. The hall was well decorated with glamorous and glittering colours befitting the personality of invited guests. Nigeria most popular artists’, movie actors and comedians anchored the occasion, giving it much energy and fun with their funning jokes.



The food, drinks and other jollifications had left all guests so impressed with Mrs Kifasi Danladi Jerusha the Founder of Nongtso Foundation that was responsible for Joy’s training till date had put into making everyone happy. When it was time to present the couple with gifts, they were loaded with all sorts. When the couple hit the dance floor, shuffling to the song of P. Square “No one be like you” played by a famous Dee Jay, everyone, could not but join them. Such was the power of music.




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