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Hot New Couple Ikhianosen Edionwele and Oseghale Ebhaleme Lavishly Celebrates Their Traditional Marriage In Grand Style




The union of Ikhianosen and Oseghale was formalised recently at Ekpoma, Esan West local govt Area of Edo State, Nigeria. The couple who had been dating for some time, were recently joined in a lavish ceremony as people came from far and wide to see the couple tie the knot.


It happened at that time of the year when people, very close families from far and near come together to celebrate. To Christians, Christmas is celebrated to mark the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, but to some, it’s just a celebration to mark end of year but to the Edionwele and Ebhalemen families, it was a much perfect time to celebrate the union of their children, Ikhianosen and Oseghale.


It was the time chosen by Ikhianosen and Oseghale, heartthrobs of so many years to tie their traditional wedding knots and officially let their parents, friends and families know that they are very much ripe enough to live together as husband and wife. Ikhianosen, a medical doctor, works with Irrua Specialist Hospital, Irrua, Esan Central Local Govt Area, Edo State, while Oseghale a practicing engineer, works with one of the most leading engineering companies in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


Oseghale’s parents, lives in Ewu, Esan Central Local Govt Area of Edo State, Nigeria Though both parents hail from Esan but Ikhianosen’s parent’s lives in Abuja, a law maker of the Federal House of Assembly, Federal Capital territory, Abuja. Because of his federal myth, turned the traditional ceremony into massive celebration jamboree galore of sorts. Hon. Joe Edionwele’s Ihunmudumu road resident Ekpoma was throng by people from all walks of life to witness the traditional wedding of Ikhianosen and Oseghale. Society Celebration was reliably informed that the private resident of hon. Edionwele, which was tastefully decorated purposely for this traditional marriage was backed up with a marquee that accommodated well over three hundred guests seated.


The official introduction of the two families to each other and most importantly to those of us who had come to witness this lovely ceremony, took place without a hitch, as speaking various Esan languages by the moderator wasn’t a problem because he was capable switching tongues amongst all the tribal languages.


With riveting songs and choruses as sung at every Esan traditional marriage, the elder sister to Hon. Chief Joseph Edionwele and a selected group of women from Iruekpen, a nearby town where the Edionwele family originally hail from, anchored the presentation of the bride to the Ebhalemen family and all present. She was so professional and very versed in Esan tradition of sorts, expressing the culture of Iruekpen people with such glamour that every moment was savoured by all who attended. Her contributions made it an occasion to last a long time in the memory of everyone who attended the ceremony.


Shortly afterwards, shrill voices were heard from behind the main lounge, the bridal trail, the reason for this event, the reason the husband to be brought his parents and cross section of traditional rulers, were on their way. Ikhianosen with her friends took over the room singing and dancing because truly, this was her day. Her friends were clad in pink attire while the bride wore burgundy and her head gear was ornamented with beads all through. Her face was covered with white veil but the photographers were not daunted in their quest to catch a snap of this angelic creature. If there was any thought that came to mind, it was that of the beauty of the bride, indeed, Oseghale was out there to pick the best amongst equals.


In Esan rich cultural tradition, kola-nuts and palm wine are very vital when it comes to Esan traditional marriage. On this faithful day, the Ebhalemen’s family was ably and physically present to witness the union of their son Oseghale and Ikhianosen as they have decided to tie the nuptial knot, relationship of so many years. After prayers and the rites of breaking of the kola-nuts, Ikhianosen was offer a full glass of palm wine to present to the right husband, and in turn smiling to reveal her snow teeth, she humbly went in search of Oseghale her husband to be and knelt before him while presenting the palm wine to him, to the ringing sound of cheers everywhere in the main lounge. The bride and groom were both blessed by the father of the bride and they were pronounced husband and wife, it was a very beautiful celebration as guest danced, had so much to eat and drink


A cultural Esan display of dancing followed, filling the atmosphere with music, dancing and cheering, (so that even passer - by could tell that there was a joyful occasion taking place that afternoon) rounding up the first segment of the marriage ceremony.


It was days of celebration for the family of the bride as it was during festive period, and the white wedding was few days’ interval.






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