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OPOJI DAUGHTERS AND WIVES UK CONGRATULATES HIS ROYAL MAJESTY AIDENOJIE EHIDIAMEN 1, The Onojie Of Opoji On His 60th Birthday And His 29th Year On The Throne (Anniversary)

A great philosopher once said, “All of us are not born giants, with silver spoon in our mouths and gold slippers on our feet. Some of us are born short, short of hope, short of opportunity, abandoned, neglected, homeless, motherless, teeth crooked, eyes tangled, dream busted.

‘But somebody has got to measure their greatness not by leaping up but by reaching back and reaching out and loving and caring’ for his people’, today, The Opoji Community in Esan Central Local Government of Edo State, Nigeria, can easily say, His Royal Majesty, Aidenojie Ehidiamen I, The Onojie of Opoji no doubt fits this quote, though born great, born into the ruling dynasty, was not born with silver-spoon or gold slippers, but by share hard work, discipline and determination, The Onojie of Opoji is today one of the most celebrated top traditional rulers in Edo State. 

Indeed, from birth unto the time he ascended the throne as the Onojie of Opoji Kingdom, the presence of His Royal Highness (HRH) Godfrey Aidenojie Ehidiamen I has taken misfortunes away from the people of the kingdom and in the place of peace, unity and rapid progress.

The presence of Aidenojie Ehidiamen I, as the 17th Onojie of Opoji on February 14th, 1987, it is generally acknowledged that Opoji has recorded a lot of infrastructural development, educational strides, social and cultural gains to the joy of the people.

The real essence of “Opoji De Light” is made manifest in his reign, and boasts of the rise of Opoji indigenes to political and other public and private positions in the larger society. In the religious circles, the Opoji’s natives, who embrace the different religious faith, are now being heralded as popular clergies around the world. It is therefore opined that HRH Aidenojie Ehidiamen I, holder of the respected title of the Justice of Peace (JP), who is respected in the Council of the Edo Traditional rulers as the Vice chairman and has immensely contributed to many areas of developments in Edo state.

The “Opoji Daughters and Wives UK”, use this auspicious occasion of the 60th birthday and 29 years Coronation Anniversary of the ascension to the throne of Onojie of Opoji to congratulate him, thank and glorify God for our dear Onojie, HRH Aidenojie Ehidiamen I JP and for the entire Opoji people.

The “Opoji Daughters and Wives UK”, was inaugurated a year ago under the distinguished chairperson of Mrs Victoria Akpobome nee Ejale and founded by Princess Theresa Ojie whose heart burning desire to support a charity that would put smile on faces of the less privilege orphans and widows in Esan land, beckoned to the union to adopt the idea. The president of the union Mrs Akpobome in her last press releases announces its first official launch at the end of this year.


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