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It has always been the couples’s dream to have a day like this come true, have parents, friends, colleagues and well wishers come together to celebrate their marriage union and blessings, It was certainly a nice day for traditional marriage rites and reception as most notable celebrities, politicians, captains of industry turned at the ceremony of Efe and Chiedu, Odafen’s Country Home, Ekpoma. Efe couldn’t stop smiling as she was soaked up with joy and excitement of relationship with Chiedu to have come to fruition.

The traditional Ceremony under the tutelage of the Almighty God, anchored by Professor Omo Ojugo, a very good friend of the Bride’s father, Dr Frank Odafen, who looked dapper in an off white/milk (south south resource control) French Suite, doubled up as the toast master/master of ceremony and also held a brief for the Bride’s father, as the Groom’s parents (In-laws) would always need certain clarification for the smooth running of the event

A Display of Traditions

To the entertainment and amusement of the couple, guests and other attendees of the memorable event, happened to have had ‘it-in-full’ with the traditional variety shows of the occasion. First it was the hilarious traditional ushering-in of the Groom’s parents and the extended family that stepped into the arena with beautiful songs and in colorful attires. On the other hand, the Bride’s parents and family similarly paid the traditional homage of greeting their in-laws, friends and guests.

The colorfulness was upped by the maiden dance of the ‘friends and younger women of the bride’s family’, to the admiration and laughter of all. With the wonderful display by these young ones, it is obvious that the elderly men and women present, would have been envious that they will never be young again, and will not be given a second opportunity to do the same dance. When it was time for  the presentation of the bride, i t was all ovation and excitement as she engaged in the special Esan Tradition custom of the “Presentation and Searching for the right Bride” as with the enviable Esan custom, the Groom unveiling of several Brides till he sees his real Bride


The climax of traditional wedding episode was “presenting” of the Bride to the Groom and paying of Bride price. The Bride’s father, Dr Frank Odafen made history , he only took Twenty Naira out of the thousand of naira from the Groom (We don’t sell children but never in any way maltreat her). With this came the traditional rites proper where amidst prayers and blessings to the couple and more pageantries, the parents and family of the groom etc, sang and dance away joyously.

The presentation of the gift items for sending-forth the bride from her family, had followed and they made available to her every house-hold items a woman would need to begin her marriage life. These items were too numerous to be counted. “I have witness marriage ceremonies now and then. But I have not seen in the recent time a traditional marriage ceremony well attended and well planned as this one of ‘Efe and Chiedu’. It is spectacular. I thank God Almighty for bringing this couple together and making today such a great event. I wish them a blissful and successful union”. Mr and Senator Mrs Bent, commented.

Remarkably, the ceremonies happened to have thrown about a different panorama where encomiums and words of praises were showered in torrents on Dr Frank Odafen and Dr Mrs Anthonia Odafen PHD, mother of the bride, proud wife of Dr Frank Odafen, owners of ‘BIO-ROYAL SPECIALIST HOSPITAL’,

“I will have Dr and Dr Mrs Odafen to thank for making this day for their daughter, Efe and her Groom, Chiedu. It has come to show that there is a great prize for being very humble, supportive and kind to the people you meet. Indeed, Dr Frank Odafen is a selfless personality, who has uplifted a lot of  people. It is not a surprise that lots of dignitaries came to grace this great occasion.

Because of my respect for him, I have to terminate my business trip overseas when I suddenly heard the news about the marriage”. Ambassador Ojie, said. Yet still, the words of commendation about the personality of Dr Odafen so seemed unending as guest after guest continued their adoration of him. Mr. Osai Asemota, the trendy boss of the “Care Pharmacy Uk” and its chain of Real Estate businesses, in his comments, eulogized Dr Odafen as a “dependable and magnetic personality”.

The traditional marriage ceremony was well showcased, with the high and lowly of the Nigerian strata, and numerous visitors flying from abroad to attend the August occasion. The ‘Traditional Marriage’ and the attendant reception was the highlight of the entire marriage package. This segment was heavily spiced with the fragrances of spectacular marriage ceremonies that one could imagine. The air was heavily tainted with love and matrimonial. Friends, families and hundreds of guests were helping themselves at the reception arena with lunch and refreshments of mouth watering African and continental dishes, while waiting for the arrival of the bridal train.

The venue was already filled and Electrified with the melodious and rhythmical range of tunes being rendered by an Abuja based act that thrilled the ecstatic audience with some of the latest ‘vibes, scratches and mixes’. Of course, the gigantic marquee was adorned with the best of ornamental designs and decorations to match with the glowing mood of the day. There was more than enough to eat and drink, gifts and take-away.


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