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Kaduna, the extensive city of the north of Nigeria was recently set excited by the holy matrimony of Amina and Musa. This was a closed follow-up by an elaborate and modest wedding ceremony of the lovesome couple, which first took place in the regal town of Katsina, another historical city of the same northern part of the country. Then another amazing Wedding Reception was held at Transcorps Hilton, the most prestigious hotel in Abuja, the beautiful African city and headquarters of Nigeria, where the newly-wed (couple) live. 


The ceremonies were, indeed, spectacular so much so that the families of the bride and groom, guests and visitors to the occasions were very ecstatic, and profusely praised Allah, the merciful for making the days for the couple. Guests and visitors to the events had relished in the passionate joy and delight that the occasion brought, and wished the newly-wed the same in their marriage; calling on Allah to give them the best in a holy matrimony. 

How Amina and Sule met 

The circumstance of the first meeting of the Siamese couple, which later led to the accomplished marriage, was only narrated to Society Celebration by Amina, the bride, with Musa, smiling on and nodding. 

According to Amina “We met for the first time at a friend’s birthday party, which took place in 2010. I happened to be walking in his direction when I tripped over the stairs and fell in front of him. I was with my best friend so she helped pull me up and introduced us. We were on a balcony and it was really cold outside. He (Musa) instantly removed his jacket and handed it over to me, to shield me from the cold. Then we just started talking intimately as if we had been known to each other for a long time. I remember telling my bosom friend that night that I have met the ‘right guy’!” 

The Proposal 

Amina further narrated that after finishing her final year at the Kaduna Polytechnic, she went back to Abuja. On a Friday, Musa was said to have gone to pick her up in her house, for a date in the month of June. “He said he wanted to show me a house he had been admiring. As we were driving, I began to realise that we were going out of town a bit. We started to climb a hill with his car around Maitama suburb, and in my mind of mind, it was what sort of house is this that was taking us so long to reach? We reached the top and he asked me out of the car and we sat on the ground where we had a panoramic view of the whole Abuja city. And when he started making a long speech about the future, it finally dawned on me what he was driving at. He got down on his knee and asked me to marry him” 

Amina further narrated that she immediately jumped at the proposal, having fallen in love with him since our first chanced-meet. She also testified to the serenity of the mountain top she was taken to, and how angelic it was to the marriage declaration of herself and her lovely husband. 

“The beautiful scene is really symbolic for our marriage in the manner it continues to remind me as one of my happiest moments. This is the prelude to the joy of the marriage which we have just ceiled”. 

Wedding Proper

Amina and Musa‘s wedding kicked off in Kaduna with the Sa Lalle ceremony, where the bride was gorgeously adorned with Lalle/ Henna decoration. This marriage rite usually marks the beginning of bride-hood. It is also a chance for female-friends and the women members of the bride’s family, to hobnob with the bride and plan ahead for the wedding events. 

A Grand reception at the Transcorp Hilton, Abuja!


Now, Amina the bride, looked so lovely in her traditional outfit of light-blue colours, toned with ornamental spots of gold and assorted jewelry. It was a night event rich in culture and tradition; as everyone celebrated with a common joyousness about this union that had been brought to be by Allah. After the completion of the traditional Fatiha wedding rites, it became a time for more celebrations at a modest reception at the luxury of the Congress Hall of the prime and highbrow Transcorp Hilton, Abuja! 


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