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Somewhere in the serenity of the Lugbe suburb of the municipality of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), off the Airport Road, lives a wonderful boy-child called Kator Kaleb-Tsenongo. Kator, at a mere age of three years old, is already a smart and promising kid, who is delightful, even to the grown-ups.


A visit by Society Celebration, to attend his recent first year birthday party, shows that the kid is clever and popular about the vicinity, as he is a toast of other children, who equally graced the occasion. Kid Kator, who has a close attachment to his mum (Sewuese Camel Tsenongo) and dad (Kaleb Tsenongo) also stuck to Senater, his immediate elder brother, who is only few years older.

For Mr. Kaleb Tsenongo and Camel, his loving wife and two kids, it is a life of contentment and dedication to God for protecting their family. The third year birthday, is another marvellous thing which they said that ‘God has done for them, which is worth celebrating’. In their modest mansion, fed with a sizeable swimming pool and other amenities, the birthday was celebrated with prayers to God for keeping Kid Kator and the family in good forms. Of course there was enough to eat and drink.



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