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The sudden loss of my mother created an everlasting massive vacuum in my heart, and will for ever remain unfilled whatever my age or status. The loving care and attention I always get from my mother would always remain the ultimate. The befitting burial I accorded her was a testimony for the true love we both shared - Don P


The sudden departure of late Madam Maria Ojemen, from mother earth was triumphant and magnificent, as her demise attracted a myriad of comments across the globe. SOCIETY CELEBRATION could recall several remarks made by people during and after the burial that she is not dead and buried but lives on. “And when a person has done so much as Late Maria Ojemen did for her society, she is said to be alive still and has conquered death”. The death of madam Maria Ojemen at her home town, opoji residence, following a brief illness and was confirmed by his son High Chief Peter Ojemen, Abuja based business mogul. He disclosed to SOCIETY CELEBRATION, that the entire family was deflated by the news of her death. Madam Maria Ojemen passed at the age of 89 years.

Don P eulogized his late mother in many words; “it is not an exaggeration to say my mother brought light and enlightenment to the lives she touched and to the society she graced with her profound presence. Her humility, generosity and devotion to her spiritual life was exemplary.


The crowed that trooped to Opoji for final farewell to a great woman can be best described as the single largest and spectacular event in Opoji, Esan Central Local Govt Area, Edo State in the recent times. The body of Late Maria Ojemen was conveyed to High Chief Ojemen’s Country Home where a church service was conducted as she was a devoted Christian and a notable minister of the gospel who had greatly contributed immensely to the Christian-hood. The Pastor who ministered at the ceremony, praised for the repose of the soul of the late madam Maria Ojemen. He used the opportunity to call for compassion for the less privilege.


Laying the remains of late Madam Maria Ojemen to rest, several prayers were offered amidst hymns suggesting the tunes of sorrowful reflection on the issue of death. Prayers were offered to God that Maria, who had journeyed on from this sinful world may by her sacrifices be cleansed from sin and receive everlasting joy.

It was a great drama on the reception day, when heavy heavy rain continues to pour down and the celebrant at one time was trapped at the gigantic marquee, he was almost compelled to force the event management to alter the programme. Those already seated were served with choice African and continental delicacies and assorted drinks. It was pure fun.

The convoy of cars with guests file up for miles for the next phase in the celebrations (reception). There were three band stand and Edo Cultural Troupe in waiting for the entertainment. The heavy rain had become an essential reminder of the burial reception.

The party atmosphere was so compelling that it was no surprise the invitees defied the rain in order to enjoy themselves. They did not regret it. The queue to present gifts and spray the celebrant, High Chief Ojemen, aka Don P, was endless; people were keen to express their gratitude and affection. One couldn’t help but to see this as a clear indication of the celebrant’s popularity, philanthropic and humanitarian gesture extended to people in the past.

The open marquee used for the reception was able to hold a seat down capacity of two thousand guests, and was tastefully decorated to meet the standard of the caliber of guest present. Very close friends of the celebrant, clads in glamorous white ‘aso ebi’ on the day, and the nations serving and retired Senators, leaders of House of Reps, captains of industry, ex and serving Ministers, Diplomatic Corps, Business Tycoons, Clerics, Bishops and great church leaders, galaxy of traditional rulers and invited guests, gathered to honour the High Chief Peter Ojemen, aka Don P.

The three-day event closed with an allnight party where Nollywood stars and most notable celebrities show-cased their gifted talents till the wee hours of Sunday morning. Before noon, group of pastors and various clerics from far and near, once more gathered for the Sunday thanksgiving service ceremony.


Celebration of ALIF’s Anniversary

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This time around, it was a memorable event that will stand the test of time as Chief (Dr) Leemon Ikpea once again celebrated his parent’s exits cap with ALIF humanitarian gifts. On this day, his well-wishers, friends and associates in the business circle, Ambassadors of different countries to Nigeria, Publishers of note, Permanent Secretaries of Ministries of foreign affairs and several other dignitaries from all walks of life, gathered together at the exquisite bespoke marquee tastefully decorated purposely for the special occasion in his Country home at Ewatto. Guests were lavishly treated to the continental dishes and assorted wines symbolic of the elite tradition. 


After the master of ceremony Mr Gordon, the Comedian, tipped off the event, Chief (Dr) Leemon Ikpea graciously moved round each table hugging and exchanging banters with all the guests before he finally took his seat. While responding to speeches and key notes addresses made by guests, said he was grateful to everyone who in their spare time put the event together for him and has promised to dedicated his time and strength to serving humanity especially anywhere he sees injustice and ardent poverty.


Speaking during the occasion, Chief Ikpea thanked God for protecting their lives (His Family) and bringing the family through very difficult times to where they are today. He also thanked God for the ability he has given to them to share with others who are in need. In his words, he says; “success that is not shared with others is failure” as there is love in sharing.  


The Adolor of Ewatto said the Ikpea foundation is not just about giving money to people. Rather, it is the Ikpea family’s little way of helping people that are in real need and the Ikpea family is doing that with sincere hearts. He said, the foundation is a humble gesture to identify with the less privileged in the society, in other words, those who walked in the same path that they (the members of the Ikpea family) walked many years ago when things were very slow with the family. He continued by saying they know what it meant to be hungry, for a child to yearn to have education in spite of his or her brilliancy but not to have the funds etc. (because they went through it all). The Adolor recalled that many times they were sent out of school for non-payment of school fees and during those times, their parents felt the pains.


Mr Irabor, member of the board of trustees, was up in high spirit as he ensured that his prying eyes catches all the guests who strolled in that afternoon. It was a day of the cream de la crème in the society especially those who admire his Chief (Dr) Leemon Ikpea’s life as a philanthropist.


ALIF in its third year, Mr Irabor cont.: "we have touched many lives through: financial support to forty four widows and twenty artisans to establish small businesses; scholarship awards to three hundred and eighty four students, across various universities, polytechnics, colleges of education and secondary schools in Nigeria; bursary awards to some law graduates to augment their expenses in law school; and annual youth football event aimed at opening career paths for those that exhibit outstanding football talent."


Other areas of intervention by the foundation includes: donation of 14 - seater Toyota ‘Hiace’ buses to some secondary schools; donation of relief materials to internally displaced persons (IDPs) camps at the height of the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria; mentoring programs organized for our youths in various schools; free medical treatment and health talks in various communities; and payment of monthly stipend to over one hundred and forty people; including, footing an all-inclusive flight, passage and hospital bill of eight people to India, two to Israel, and two to the United Kingdom.


"Let me say that the achievements listed above are not about how much we have done, but how much love the foundation has put into the things we do. If I have to borrow words from the founder and my mentor, Chief Ikpea, "we are doing all we are doing to the glory of Almighty God." "And because God is infinite, how much we do as a foundation is not as important as the love we put into what we do," Mr. Irabor expressed.


His appeal: "we therefore wish to implore everyone here present today, no matter your status, let us begin to show love and care to the needy and the less privileged, starting from those in our immediate environment. But today, ALIF's activities have been extended to almost all states in the southern part of Nigeria. Efforts are on top gear to extend our tentacles to other parts of Nigeria. Love must begin at home.


Since the Launch of the ALIF, the word is on the lips of the old and young. The market women have sub-consciously composed various songs with Chief (Dr) Leemon Ikpea as their savior, the God sent, emancipator, the redeemer, change agent etc. He has also won hearts of the communities across Esanland through his focused rural transformation programmes, as he builds several multi-purpose halls and churches scattered around communities in Esanland.




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Goodbye Mom you came a shining star and will always remain in our heart. Rest in peace in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ until we meet to part no more.

 Emunukhua, the fast-growing town under the formal administrative headquarters of Esan, Ubiaja, was agog with the spectacular chain of events which heralded the interment and final burial cerebration ceremony of Mrs Imanve Victoria Okoh.


 The Okoh residence turned into an unusual spectacle as a large congregation of people were present to celebrate her life and pay their last respect to an influential and respected woman. At the venue of the burial of the late Mrs Imanve Victorai Okoh, it was a gathering of eminent Nigerians and the commoners, including friends and professional colleagues, who seized the opportunity to pay the last respect for the late Folk dancer, community role model.


 Apart from the various vigils and functions which took place at the Okoh residence in Emunukhua, the remains of Mrs Imanve Victoria Okoh were laid at the center of the St Andrew’s Church where commendation service was held in her honour. Here in the church, sermon was given by the Provost, St Andrew Catholic Church Emu. He stated that funeral service such as the one held for Mrs Imanve Victoria Okoh, helps to remind us of our responsibility on earth. He said further; “the late Mrs Imanve Victoria Okoh, was given talent and gifts, which she used for progress of mankind. All what God deposited in us is not meant for us alone but for mankind”.

 Before the remains of Mrs Imanve Okoh was finally laid to rest in her home village few kilometers from the late husband’s residence, a very close friend of the family lamented; saying the community had lost a great woman of honour and courage.

Speaking to SOCIETY CELEBRATION, Arc. Clem Okoh, eldest son of the late Mrs Imanve Victoria Okoh, was effusive in explaining why the passing away of his dear mother actually called for celebration, instead of mourning.


 He said “When a woman has reached old age as my mother and has done so much for her children and grandchildren, she is not to be mourned but celebrated when she passes on” This is a core belief of the Esan people, which is echoed in many traditional African societies. He surmised that he loved and will always miss his mother.


Birth and growing up

Late Mrs Imanve Victoria Okoh was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Omonkiere of Eke, Emunukhua, Emu, Esan South East Local Government Area of Edo State in July 1925. She attended Emunukhua primary school and thereafter-developed interests in trading where she did exploit, becoming a trailblazer amongst her peers. In her youthful age, apart from trading, she was interested in folk dancing (Ekpe-gbae-gbae in Esan). She was indeed very good in it, hence, brought laurel to her family and immediate community.


She was married to her heartthrob late Chief Aigberenbor P. Okoh. Late Mrs Imhanve and her husband relocated after marriage to Obazogbe in Edo state where they had their first daughter. From there they moved further afield to Sapele Delta state, where the late husband worked and retired with the African Timber and Plywood (AT&P) and in the sojourn, had other four children.


 Late Mrs Imanve V. Okoh was a religious woman and philanthropies, she imbibe Christianity and its attendant values. She was a member of the Catholic Women Organization (CWO), a woman leader of St Andrew Catholic Church Emu. She was a dedicated Christian woman with a firm believes in everything and anything MARY, Mother of our LORD Jesus Christ. She was a prayer warrior per-excellent and admonished, advice and prays for all around her equally. She died after a brief illness at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) surrounded by her children and grand children. Until her death, five children, many grand children and many great-grand children survived her.  Goodbye Mom you came a shinning star and will always remain in our heart. Rest in peace in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ until we meet to part no more



JOY MARRIED IN STYLE - Signing the dotted line saying I DO

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The Church wedding of Joy and Charles was held at Dunamis International Gospel Centre, (FCT) Abuja. As Joy and her bridal trail walked through the church aisle, everyone was captivated by the sight and the spirit of the moment. The bride exuded so much grace and beauty, there was no doubt that single girls would love to live the experience, self-experience the magic moment, and those that are married relive it again.

Neither the bride nor the groom thought their romance would start with a chance meeting, but then such is the wonderful way love sometimes strikes. In this case, the two people who are suddenly smitten by love today are devoted Christians. Like a good wine, true love gets better with time. The couple had only just met months back, and in a matter of weeks they had become an item. The more they settle into the relationship the clearer they saw that they were so compatible that they might just as well have been made for each other. 

In all that we do. God comes first, that is the dictum. The devoted woman of God Mrs Kifasi and relations, parents of Joy and Charles have come to handover their seal of approval of their children in holy matrimony to God. The officiating minister charged the couple to look at each other as one. Glowingly, the church brightens up with the colours of the day. Friends and families of the Joy and Charles were all gorgeously dress up for the wedding ceremony.


The conduct of the service was quintessential, especially as the organist played hymns eulogizes the holiness of God and matrimony while the declaration of “I DO” was conducted in front of the alter as the wedding band is finally slipped on to Joy’s finger. One thing that is peculiar with all church services is the solemn atmosphere it usually carries. The blissfulness was not lost in the occasion. This was evident from what some of the eminent dignitaries said, “this is one of the fulfillment of life. As a mother myself, I can’t but rejoice with my friend. When you do this for your children in life, you have achieved one of the successes in life….” Mrs Jonathe, CEO of Ladies Affairs cosmetics, Nigeria.

Finally, the process of transition is complete, as the Hausa would say; – Now the woman has become the wife. Let the go-between simmer. From this day on, Joy and Charles are husband and wife.


What a graceful journey, especially that it’s her heart’s desire. The last prayers for the couple reverberated from the Officiating minister, as the congregation stood as a mark of respect for these two who had willingly come to be one. The officiating minister, urge the couple to see themselves as an example of Christ’s love for mankind, he admonished them to lay their marriage foundation on God’s love and always put God first in all they do. The couple exchanged their marriage vows and were duly pronounced husband and wife. The happy guest cheered joyfully. This was followed by the signing of the marriage register.


As they move through the aisle alongside the bridal train to exit the church, the hymn – guide me o thou great Jehovah, favored their steps. And so the solemnization came to an end but not with the usual wedding reception. 


 After the solemnization and church service, the friends, relatives invited guests of the couples proceeded to the venue of the grand reception at International Women Centre, Central district, Abuja. The hall was electrifying as super stars’ artists began to come on stage to do their stuffs “I’m indeed very happy; it is my day of joy” Mrs Kifasi said to the barrage of news reporters who ran up to her for comments. What more would any parent desire? Am really grateful to God.


The one thing that is intriguing in the whole celebration of this wedding is the fact that almost everybody that attended the ceremony right from the engagement bit was there till the reception. And that is a mark of honour to the newly wed and their parents. Reception ceremonies are usually the same and this was not an exemption though the lush with which this reception was organized shows the class of the organizers.


The grand ballroom at the international Women Centre played a host to the grand reception organised by Nungtso Charity Foundation for their guests. The hall was well decorated with glamorous and glittering colours befitting the personality of invited guests. Nigeria most popular artists’, movie actors and comedians anchored the occasion, giving it much energy and fun with their funning jokes.



The food, drinks and other jollifications had left all guests so impressed with Mrs Kifasi Danladi Jerusha the Founder of Nongtso Foundation that was responsible for Joy’s training till date had put into making everyone happy. When it was time to present the couple with gifts, they were loaded with all sorts. When the couple hit the dance floor, shuffling to the song of P. Square “No one be like you” played by a famous Dee Jay, everyone, could not but join them. Such was the power of music.






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Felicia and her heartthrob, Edwin tied the nuptial knot in the traditional way at Adoka town, Benue State. The couple was said to have been very good friends before they decided to take their relationship to the next segment.

The families of Late Capt. Ogale and Elder Eka Ijachi decided to celebrate their children’s marriage in such a grand style as the duo have both agreed to spend the rest of their lives together, for better and for worst. However the ceremony was very special, as Felicia is a proud self-described “Adoka girl child” and she was also so glad that her wish to see close friends, relations and work colleagues gather to celebrate her traditional marriage in such a unique style has come true. Golden Palms Resort’s ballroom was the reception venue, which holds a seat down capacity of one thousand guests. The Resort ballroom was tastefully decorated; crystal wedding stage, wedding cake stands and stage sparklers also added some glitz and glamour to the decor .

Very close friends of the bride, clads in glamorous ‘aso ebi’ on the day, and the nations serving and retired Senators, Leaders of House of Reps, Captains of industry, Ministers, Diplomatic Corps, Business Tycoons, Clergies, Bishops and great church leaders and invited guests, gathered to honor the latest couple in town. The photo “System Photography Team” excellently captured every memorable moment of the day .


"Felicia is a woman of many colours: A classy beautician, a businesswoman, a traditional first class chef and a staunch Christian and a preacher of the gospel"


The air was pregnant with excitement and a sense of accomplishment, as the eyes of many dignitaries twinkled and their faces crinkled up in a smile as they made their way to their seats. Aside the decor, guests tables were laced with exotic wine and champagne, refined spirits and assorted nibbles in various plates and well designed baskets.

The arrival of the Bride and Groom immediately taxied off the ceremony with the opening prayers and national anthem. A renowned toastmaster who anchored the event tipped off the ceremony with a hint of humour; touches of class and finesse, all dignitaries were recognized accordingly.

The ceremony blazed with colorful tunes, reminiscent of marriage solemnization allure, there were lots of jokes to spice the occasion. The host of the day sent guests cracking their ribs even as they were having a swell time feasting on some rich African and intercontinental buffet and exotic wine and cocktails.

The Dj, electrified the occasion with the latest Afro beats hits tracks, which threw the entire audience both young and old onto the dance floor. The ‘Disc jockey’ played assorted music to the delight of guests and couple; the bride noted a particular hit list, which will remain the most memorable of their wedding ceremony. After the nuptial dance, the Chairman of the occasion, in his speech took the couple through the marriage memory lane of a successful marriage, which he said he had learnt in his over four and half decades of marriage life. Marriage, he sermonised, must be based on selflessness, love and the mutual trust and transparency of the couple, and above all a total dedication to God, Almighty.









Hot New Couple Ikhianosen Edionwele and Oseghale Ebhaleme Lavishly Celebrates Their Traditional Marriage In Grand Style

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The union of Ikhianosen and Oseghale was formalised recently at Ekpoma, Esan West local govt Area of Edo State, Nigeria. The couple who had been dating for some time, were recently joined in a lavish ceremony as people came from far and wide to see the couple tie the knot.


It happened at that time of the year when people, very close families from far and near come together to celebrate. To Christians, Christmas is celebrated to mark the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, but to some, it’s just a celebration to mark end of year but to the Edionwele and Ebhalemen families, it was a much perfect time to celebrate the union of their children, Ikhianosen and Oseghale.


It was the time chosen by Ikhianosen and Oseghale, heartthrobs of so many years to tie their traditional wedding knots and officially let their parents, friends and families know that they are very much ripe enough to live together as husband and wife. Ikhianosen, a medical doctor, works with Irrua Specialist Hospital, Irrua, Esan Central Local Govt Area, Edo State, while Oseghale a practicing engineer, works with one of the most leading engineering companies in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


Oseghale’s parents, lives in Ewu, Esan Central Local Govt Area of Edo State, Nigeria Though both parents hail from Esan but Ikhianosen’s parent’s lives in Abuja, a law maker of the Federal House of Assembly, Federal Capital territory, Abuja. Because of his federal myth, turned the traditional ceremony into massive celebration jamboree galore of sorts. Hon. Joe Edionwele’s Ihunmudumu road resident Ekpoma was throng by people from all walks of life to witness the traditional wedding of Ikhianosen and Oseghale. Society Celebration was reliably informed that the private resident of hon. Edionwele, which was tastefully decorated purposely for this traditional marriage was backed up with a marquee that accommodated well over three hundred guests seated.


The official introduction of the two families to each other and most importantly to those of us who had come to witness this lovely ceremony, took place without a hitch, as speaking various Esan languages by the moderator wasn’t a problem because he was capable switching tongues amongst all the tribal languages.


With riveting songs and choruses as sung at every Esan traditional marriage, the elder sister to Hon. Chief Joseph Edionwele and a selected group of women from Iruekpen, a nearby town where the Edionwele family originally hail from, anchored the presentation of the bride to the Ebhalemen family and all present. She was so professional and very versed in Esan tradition of sorts, expressing the culture of Iruekpen people with such glamour that every moment was savoured by all who attended. Her contributions made it an occasion to last a long time in the memory of everyone who attended the ceremony.


Shortly afterwards, shrill voices were heard from behind the main lounge, the bridal trail, the reason for this event, the reason the husband to be brought his parents and cross section of traditional rulers, were on their way. Ikhianosen with her friends took over the room singing and dancing because truly, this was her day. Her friends were clad in pink attire while the bride wore burgundy and her head gear was ornamented with beads all through. Her face was covered with white veil but the photographers were not daunted in their quest to catch a snap of this angelic creature. If there was any thought that came to mind, it was that of the beauty of the bride, indeed, Oseghale was out there to pick the best amongst equals.


In Esan rich cultural tradition, kola-nuts and palm wine are very vital when it comes to Esan traditional marriage. On this faithful day, the Ebhalemen’s family was ably and physically present to witness the union of their son Oseghale and Ikhianosen as they have decided to tie the nuptial knot, relationship of so many years. After prayers and the rites of breaking of the kola-nuts, Ikhianosen was offer a full glass of palm wine to present to the right husband, and in turn smiling to reveal her snow teeth, she humbly went in search of Oseghale her husband to be and knelt before him while presenting the palm wine to him, to the ringing sound of cheers everywhere in the main lounge. The bride and groom were both blessed by the father of the bride and they were pronounced husband and wife, it was a very beautiful celebration as guest danced, had so much to eat and drink


A cultural Esan display of dancing followed, filling the atmosphere with music, dancing and cheering, (so that even passer - by could tell that there was a joyful occasion taking place that afternoon) rounding up the first segment of the marriage ceremony.


It was days of celebration for the family of the bride as it was during festive period, and the white wedding was few days’ interval.






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