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This man is lying to my daughter

Q: How do I make my daughter see that her boyfriend obviously has another woman? She says she trusts him, but he’s never around. I’ve never known a person to “work” as much as he does. Whether it’s Christmas Day or Easter Sunday, it seems as if his firm can’t cope without him. He’s always disappearing for days on end, and even when he’s with her he’s often in the garden on his phone. This behaviour is so suspicious, but she just puts up with it.

 A: Clearly, your daughter is so desperate to cling on to her boyfriend that she’ll turn the other cheek or fall for any line he throws her. I suspect that in her heart, she knows that he’s playing games. But if she’s not willing to admit the truth to herself or give up on him yet, you have to step back. I understand that it’s upsetting to watch her making mistakes, but it’s her choice to live this way – even if you have to pick up the pieces later on.





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