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Dear Titiana (13)

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She can’t even bring herself to look at me without wincing. I’ll admit I’m not perfect, but I can’t continue to stay in a house where I’m not loved, needed or respected. During the past year I’ve completely buried myself in work. I’ve told my boss that I’m up for all the hours and projects he wants to throw at me.

I’ve done weekends, nights and even Christmas Day. Yes, I’ve earned an absolute fortune, but is my snarling wife sympathetic or grateful? Is she heck. All she ever says is that I’m a loser and I make her sick. Apparently I’m untidy, annoying and completely useless in bed. She claims I make Mr Bean look like George Clooney. A few weeks ago I suffered terrible chest pains while driving the car. I honestly thought that I was having a heart attack and I swear I saw a look of hope on her face. I begged her to take the wheel and drive me to A&E, but she complained she had shopping to do and insisted I get the bus, on my own, instead.

As it turned out, I only had severe indigestion, but her lack of care and concern has stayed with me. We no longer have sex. She hasn’t smiled at me in two years, although I know that she is the life and soul of the party when she goes out with her mates. I’m always being told how funny she is (you could have fooled me). Any time I’ve tried to make the effort with chocolates, wine or a weekend away in a hotel, she’s always thrown my efforts right back in my face. I hate to sound so down, but my life really is horrible. How can she bear to be so nasty towards me when all I’ve done is strive to be the best husband I can? Even her own parents secretly tell me they’re ashamed of the way she kicks me around.



I simply cannot resist my new lover. He’s a force a nature – a big, hunky brute of a man. I only have to hear his voice and my heart pounds. I’m powerless to resist his touch and when he strips me naked and makes love to me, I go through the roof. I never meant for this to happen, but I’m madly in lust and don’t know where this thing is going to end.

We met six weeks ago at a sales conference. I wasn’t even drunk. Our eyes locked and it was BANG! Lying Fifteen minutes later we were up in my hotel room destroying the bed.

His lips, his fingers, his sex turned a key in my inner soul and I orgasm like a howling wolf over and over again.

He is currently single again after a messy divorce but says we have to be together. We are soul mates and destined to be one. But I feel so terrible about my husband because he has no idea that I’m such a lying, cheating bitch.

He’s working hard to provide a good life for us. He’s set himself a target of earning so that we can put down the deposit on the house of our dreams.

Why did this have to happen to me? Why does life have to be so damned complicated?



She gives me detailed descriptions of this relative’s various ailments. But it’s all a load of cobblers, she thinks I don’t know her secret but I’ve been on to her for ages.

I first started to suspect something was up when she began turning away from me in bed. She claimed to have headaches and bad periods.

We’ve always had an amazing sex life, with her often more rampant than me, so I gave it a couple of weeks before I followed her for the first time. She drove to a quiet back street where she left her car and jumped into a waiting 4x4. After an intimate dinner in a restaurant, she and her date went to a bar and then had sex in the back of his vehicle behind a disused factory. I was following and watching the whole time. She finally staggered home at 2am claiming that her poor old auntie had take a turn for the worse and would need to be visited again the next night.

The next night she met her fella in a hotel lobby and I actually paid a staff member to tell me which room they were in. I lurked around outside pretending to make a call and heard everything. She and I have been together for three years and I just can’t believe that she’s cheating on me.

In my strongest moments, I tell myself that I’m going to front the pair of them up, but then I lose my nerve. What if I bring everything out in the open and she chooses him over me?

I’m the wronged man, but I don’t know what to do next.



I have recently split up with my girlfriend of four years. While we were together, she was slightly controlling, but overall the relationship was OK.

However, since the break-up she won’t leave me alone, bombarding me constantly with messages and phone calls. She even turns up at my house unannounced, demanding to speak to me.

I just want all this to be over so I can move on with my life, but I can’t see any end to it at the moment. I’m done with it, but she won’t give up.

What should I do?



He’s got a big birthday coming up soon and doesn’t want cards, presents, a party or a cake, just a gorgeous girl for both of us to play with. He wants anything-goes sex with toys, role-playing, girl-on-girl action, wickedness and filth. He doesn’t care who this female is. He’ll even pay top whack for high-class hooker. But what I have to do is show my commitment to pleasing him, by setting the whole thing up. He’s leaving everything in my hands. It’s my call.

The only stipulation is that it happens. I fear that if I don’t come up with the goods, then he’ll dump me. Things haven’t been going too well between us lately. There have been rows about money, his drinking, my family and me wanting children. I’m desperately in love with him – and he knows it. I’d do anything to make him happy and please him.

But I just don’t know if I can do this. We’ve been together for many years but the last couple haven’t been good



I have a weird knack for getting myself into sticky situations. A good example is the one I got myself embroiled in two weeks ago. I was having drinks with some of my best girls at a local bar one Friday evening when out of nowhere one of us suggested we all reveal the weirdest thing we had ever done sexually. Seeing as most of us were already smashed to the hilt (we had been downing cocktails since 8pm), we all readily agreed to participate. Suffice it to say that the revelations I heard that night shocked, disgusted and amused me all in one, but it was one particular revelation that had me reeling in shock. Before I continue, permit me to toss in a splash of the not-so-recent sexual mindset of the Nigerian society.


I’m sick of being his back-up girl

Q: My on-off boyfriend only seems to want me to be there in reserve for when his other relationships fail. We’ve been seeing each other intermittently since 2007 and he’s always been “the one” for me, but he really hurt me the last time he walked away with an old friend I’d introduced him to. I swore then that I’d never allow him to use me again, but he’s back in touch saying that he’s lonely and I am the only one who “gets him”. He swears he’ll never let me down again, but can I take that chance after all the humiliation and misery he’s put me through?


Sex matters

Q: My partner only wants to have sex with me when he’s drunk, which I find incredibly hurtful. If I say anything about it, he jokes: “That’s the only time I can face touching you. ”We’ve been together for five years and our life has become very mundane. We often sleep in separate beds because of his snoring. Yet any time he comes home after drinking with his friends, he’s all over me. All I crave is a normal, loving relationship. Why should I have to put up with this?


She’s not the girl I fell in love with

Q: I feel I’ve been totally conned by my girlfriend. I met her online in 2013, and for the first six months we just talked. She was friendly and funny, and I really looked forward to her calls each night. We finally arranged to go away for the weekend and as soon as we saw each other, it was fantastic – like we’d known each other for ages. The sex was great, too, and we were both really sad when the weekend was over. But since then things have never been the same. We still speak, but only meet up when she wants me to buy her things. It’s like there are two sides to her – I now get the feeling she doesn’t like my clothes or my opinions, and I often feel I just annoy her. Where did I go wrong?


This man is lying to my daughter

Q: How do I make my daughter see that her boyfriend obviously has another woman? She says she trusts him, but he’s never around. I’ve never known a person to “work” as much as he does. Whether it’s Christmas Day or Easter Sunday, it seems as if his firm can’t cope without him. He’s always disappearing for days on end, and even when he’s with her he’s often in the garden on his phone. This behaviour is so suspicious, but she just puts up with it.

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